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So my best friend and I have known each other since elementary, we are like brothers now. I never thought of his twin sister as a viable choice in a girl for me. One day in high school I started to get to know he a little more and ended up having a crush on her. I tried to shrug It off and continue to see her as a friend and succeeded for the most part. Now we are in college and his family has grown to know and love me as if I was part of the family. The only problem with that is that I now have feeling for that twin sister and I don't want to make it awkward for anyone. When I moved I ended up visiting them only to find myself immersed in how she has been and what is going on in her life. Sometimes I'd visit and end up spending more time with her than anyone else. Then one day I noticed she was getting her room ready to paint, I love working in and around the house so I took part. I played some music that we both liked and started singing along. The problem was that they were majority love songs and we continued to sing reluctantly as if we may have been dating once. When it was time for me to leave we ended up embracing in a hug but I felt her not wanting to let to. I was first confused as to wether that meant anything or not but I let it go. Now I visit ever so often and I can't help but see the beauty in her ways, her looks, her laugh, smile and I just get lost in her eyes. She dated a man that was a mirror image of me and I got jealous when I found out. She notice the jealousy and seemed to regret ever dating him because of my reaction. Was she trying to replace me? Have I fallen for a girl whom I shouldn't date? Should I even tell her how I feel? I have changed in an effort for her to notice me as dating material, my looks, manners, the way I talk. She noticed these things and only seems to say "you're such a great guy, why can't there be more people like you?"....

What's should I do???

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  • Ask her out! If you don't do so now, you may always regret it. Out of respect to her brother and your best friend, tell him how you feel and see how he feels about you asking her out. You guys are adults and in college now. He should be able to handle it, and your friendship should be strong enough. Keep in mind, that if this relationship doesn't work out, you never speak an ill word about his sister.

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