Im turned on by geeks

I know this will come out the wrong way, but I'm I know everyone at my school thinks I'm hot. A teacher even hit on me once! I'm 5"5, 114 pounds, fit, blonde, and have 36B size b******. All the the boys want me, especially the jocks, but I really have a thing or those awkward, lanky boys who have little muscle and pale skin. They really turn me on. And the best part is, I can f*** them as much as I want, because I'm the only girl who likes them.

Apr 13, 2013

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  • I've know a number of women who loved geeks. She always felt she was providing a sexual service to them. I encouraged her, brought geeky guys to her. She gradually built up to g******** with them. Geeky guys are very h****, unusually respectful and often well endowed. Be careful. Apperently this is frowned upon.

  • Any experiences so far? updates?

  • Just enjoy yourself--ignore the imbeciles.

  • 36 B isn't that big. You are a dumbass, if you like nerds then date them you d******

  • A) Um, I was just letting you know how I look, and B) I'm okay with their size I'm a sophomore not a pornstar. And C) ouch that was hurtful.

  • A) Um, it wasn't necessary, you're just fishing for attention, B) good for you, sweetie. And C) poor bubble-wrapped baby. Welcome to the internet!

  • Reading a few comments, I think some people think it's a man writing this when it's obvious she's a girl because she says 'have 36B BREAST size' I don't know any men with b****** and she also talks about boys. If it was a man he could be gay but as she talks about her b****** it's pretty obvious what gender she is. Read the confession next time...

  • And the point is...

  • Sounds like a hunka chunka.

  • Well, unlike you mean guys, at least they have a girl that's hot.

  • F*** em in the p**** holes!!!!!!!!!!!

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