I wasn't listening

I'm a 45y old professor. During an oral test I lost myself in my student's green sexy eyes
I was having a huge erection,so I couldn't listen anything she was saying. I gave her an A++ and much compliments for the exposition.

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  • I used to substitute teach for a school district, usually for the same one or two women teachers when they were out. Had one girl..Who was just more mature and hotter than the rest, who did this to me. Anytime I had her in class, I'd do the lesson plan, but, my eyes would be stuck to her. Tall, jet-black hair, fit body, makeup just right, long, sexy nails, and more of a college-aged, or more, demeanor..The guys were intimidated by her, which meant "more for me"..

    Many of the girls would hang around after class, asking me personal questions, was I married, when was I subbing again, etc.. The day that hot girl stuck around, I thought..This is it, but, I can't..She's still only 17 no matter how hot and gorgeous she is. The conversation felt like I was talking to an equal, or, date. Without my asking (though I really wanted to know), she mentioned her upcoming 18th birthday and if I knew of anyplace she could get into for a drink. I did, but, didn't want to say, as it would be encouraging public underaged drinking (as well as tempt me to meet her there). I only told her, while clearly looking down her shirt and at those hot red nails, that a lot of places downtown, the older bars, not chains, would probably let her in, because she looked the part and older.

    That got me a nice, tight hug, which had my hands wrapped around her waist, and, my eyes looking at the door for anyone coming in.

    Ended up meeting her about a year later. No surprise, she started modeling and looked hotter. She told me I was cooler and "way better looking" than other subs they had, and we had a nice night together, at a music event, then my house.. I'd do it again in a minute.

  • I did the same with a female student six years ago. I actually passed her just to move her along. She deserved to fail, but had I failed her, she would have been back in my class another year, and I was afraid that I couldn't restrain myself for another year: I just wanted to grab her and kiss her and make love with her and marry her. The feelings and passions I had for her were so so wrong but they felt so so right. She eventually graduated and moved away, and I still want her and miss her and wish she were with me.

  • my dauthers best freind has the same effect on me.it has almost got to the point where icant even be in the same room with that girl without getting a hardon that everybody can tell. she just makes me insane from wanting her so bad.

  • I teach language arts at a small rural high school, and I have the same problem with one of my students. I can't call on her during class because I start to stammer, and I can't stand up during class because she gives me such a powerful erection. No woman of any age has ever affected me like Chantal does.

  • mine came at an all-state HS band try-out, with a young clarinetist i desperately desperately wanted (watching her lick her reed and then put the mouthpiece to her lips was almost enough to make me c** in my pants......and then faint). i scored her over twice as high as she probably deserved (considering the marks of the other judges), probably because i never heard a note she played, and she made it into the orchestra on the basis of my score. i had her address and phone contact info from the registry and had to painfully restrain myself from utilizing it. that was in 2002 and i still think of that girl nearly every day. she wasnt hot or goodlooking but i wanted her more than anyone i have ever been around.

  • I had a similar experience judging a regional high school debate contest a couple of years ago, with a female junior who gave me an erection that I couldn't hide. And that I couldn't get rid of. She certainly wasn't trying to arouse me, and I can't even say she was particularly beautiful, but there was something about her that made me want to just 'have' her. Even while the other contestant was speaking, I couldn't stop looking at the girl. I ultimately gave her the highest score possible (she was competing as an individual, not a part of a team), even though she wasn't the best contestant at the tournament. I was hoping she didn't notice the hard-on, and I thought I had succeeded, until we had a break later that morning, and as I was turning away from the water fountain in the hall, she was suddenly next to me, and said she wanted to thank me for the great score, "and for THAT", nodding at my crotch. Thankfully, I wasn't still erect, but I quickly became so, as I mumbled some nonsense and nearly ran back to the auditorium. I fantasized about her for months and months, while I ached for a girl I knew I couldn't ever have. Just thinking of her today as I was reading your post, I got an erection again.

  • "Much compliments"? You're not an English professor, are you?

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