She got married right after cheating on him

My best friend and I hooked up with these two chicks from another town about two years ago. We went back and forth with them making out and then my friend went down stairs with one of them and I stayed up stairs with the other. I talked to her for a bit while we fooled around. I got her really worked up, then had s** with her several times over the course of the next five hours up until it was seven in the morning. It was the best s** I've ever had. At one point while she was riding me I could feel her c** dripping down my shaft and the pleasure was just out of this world, it's like I was in lala land.

Eventually, they had to leave and we kissed them goodbye. Later we found out that both of them had boyfriends, so both of them cheated. Two weeks later, the one I had s** with got married to that boyfriend, which was a shock to me. Recently, she contacted me and we both talked about how amazing it was, but I think I was more surprised by her lack of regret over it. She actually wants to do it again. It would feel wrong now that I know she's married, but she felt so good. It's hard to resist.

May 12, 2013

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  • Just f*** her brains out for god sake she wants your C***.

  • Keep the respect man. Don't tap another man's wife even if she's a ho and asking for it. How would you feel if your wife was the same? So why don't you tell her you gotta check with her hubby first that he's "down with his wife being a lying cheat". If it's A-ok then proceed to s**** her brains out.

  • Why so serious? F*** THAT NASTY B**** AND DON'T STOP. You want it. She wants it. Don't let her marriage get in your way. You gotta get back to tappin' that ass.

  • So what's the problem ? F*** her again, or someone else will. Actually even if you f*** her, it's no guarantee that she does not take another lover

  • Totally right, this one. If she isn't cheating with you, she's gonna cheat with somebody else. If she was that sporty, you need to keep hitting that.

  • Your spidey sense is right. Forget her. She will be a heart ache if you ever hook up. She has no moral compass.

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