I cheated

I cheated on my wife with a fling from several years ago. My wife is a good wife, it just seems as though there's no chemistry between us. I touch and caress her, and she's overly annoyed right away. I've talked to her about it, but it's all the same. This kiss between the woman and I was passionate, unlike one I've had in so long. I have 2 girls, so I don't want this to carry on, in fact I wish the chemistry flowed forth as it did before with my wife and I, but that's not going to happen..

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  • Why don't you do the obvious and romance her. Perhaps you just take her for granted and she's burdened with chores and worries and you've never appreciated her life. Do you ask her about her thoughts, cares, worries? Do you help her? Her aloofness to you indicates that you may have been an entitled, disrespectful clod. You two need to talk and tune in. I can't defend your affair though. You shouldn't have betrayed her trust. Shame on you.

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