Away From Home

I work for a major corp at headquarters. We put on seminars/training sessions year round and I am involved in making arrangements. We have men and women from all over the US and some from overseas pass through. It's a known fact that men behave badly when far away from home. Quite an eye opener is that some women married and single do also. I guess it is the fact they are thousands of miles from home, no one knows them and they can let their hair down without anyone back home being any the wiser. Many drink too much, party and some find it a handy opportunity to have fling they otherwise wouldn’t dare have at home.

Most are older managerial types ranging in age from around 35 on up to late fifties. My job is to see their needs are taken care of, some of which the corp definitely doesn't condone, if you know what I mean.

In the past several years, several vividly stand out in my memory. One was a 55 year old high level division manager, married with grandkids. The old gal could put away more booze and f*ck harder than any woman half her age. She wore me out and I just thought I was a long distance runner.

One was 37, married with a family (successfully climbing the corporate ladder). Seemed to have a sour disposition and came across as a goody goody and all business. A few drinks in the hotel lounge and that facade came off along with her clothes later in her room. That one really surprised me.

The best was a 43 year old mid level manager and married. She wanted a threesome. Said she always wanted to experience it at least once in her lifetime but was always too ashamed to ever approach her husband with her secret desire. I rounded up a prostitute and the three of us spent several hours at it. That was also my first experience with a threesome. WOW! I could really get to like that.

The point I make here is with the advent of more women entering the work place and in positions of authority, many have become emboldened to misbehave like men always have. Any of you men out there whose wives go on business trips had better start wondering what really goes on when they are away from home. The dirty little secret is, it’s all too easy to be far away from home and do things that will never get back to you, similar to the saying, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


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  • Some guys have all the luck...

  • Sounds like fun, i hope my company starts sending me across the country

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