Idk..this guy has liked me for three years..hes always there for matter what happens. im liking him too..and he wants a relationship, always have. but i now do, but at the same time i basically fighting myself. im scared to be in a relationship, scared if i will be bad at somehting such as kissing. ive only ever kissed people drunk:/.... havnt done so in a year tho, i want to kiss him..but my fear overpowers me. i hate it. in my mind i battle myself ..basically argue...and my thought to just DO IT! do not match my actions. i cant physically make myself go further. i make everything so complicated with him. hate making him feel the way he does. because its not good. im basically a tease. i dont want to do that. its not nice at all. but my fear is in the way, and i cant seem to do anythign about it:'(

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  • Ive got a crazy idea, but it would be best if you printed your confession off and showed it to him with a cute shy look on your face, it would be be the simplest and best way for it, yes i know its very forward but if your right about it(which you know you are, dont convince yourself that you arent cos you are!)
    oh and when you get together remember this and send me a thanks, my name is emily and im from england :D lol.... seriously though, try it xx

  • Awe this is the cutest response emily, im reading this 5.6 years later LOL and omg. i cant believe i ever felt that way jesus christ hahaha such a good idea u gave me tho haha:D

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