The worst part of my personality

I like to know I understand something back the front before I get into it like trade good example, I want to know that I understand the terminology etc and its the same with science and health and I know that I know enough about arts to run while learning, I could work in a museum or art gallery well right now. but I don't feel that way about a dental clinic or hospital but then sometimes I can surprise myself and learn as I go. I have before. I am going to do that soon with physio and presenting and tp and accounting so maybe I can do dental more then I think. I want to learn to understand the stock market and taxation I think every woman should learn those things and it should not be a mans world !!! the same with vaginal and breast health ! I want to keep learning til the day I die! and everybody does in their own way as well. travelling is a learning experience, love and marriage and having a baby is a learning experience, working is learning going on a date or to a opera is learning. just talking to someone with a different point of view or life experience is learning. I have to trust myself and others more, my doctors etc

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  • Excellent! Now, how about getting excited about proper English usage?

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