My handsome neighbor

I'm a 19 year old girl, and Im living with my parents while I'm going to college to save money. We live in a cliché culdasac neighborhood full of families. It's not ideal for a young college girl. So along with working at Domino's, I'm babysitting all the kids in the neighborhood like I used to. Well there's this family new to the neighborhood with two young kids who hire me almost every week. The mom is super sweet, and probably around 34. Her husband is 39, and I think he's into me. I don't look anything like his wife, so he must be bored with his relationship. Every time I come over, he always shows extra interest in my life. He always compliments my looks, and "my wit". He's always looking at me, all the while his wife isn't even noticing. And now that it's summer, they're hiring me almost everyday to watch the kids while they're at work. But he is home by five, an hour before his wife. The first time this happened, I thought I should've left, since a parent was there. But The kids were in their own world not even paying attention, his wife wasn't there, and he's really charming. So now I always stay and talk to him until his wife pulls up. We gotten to know each other a lot better. He's hugged me before in a friendly manner, but yesterday for the time he brushed his hand down my arm and rested it on my hip. His hands felt so strong.It was surprising but I didn't push away. I like it when he flirts with me, and I'll be honest; I flirt back. But I don't see the harm. Sure I think about him sometimes, I bet he thinks about me, but I'm not serious about it and I doubt he is, so why not flirt with a handsome older man?

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  • Dont listen to these perverted pedophiles who are themselves over 50. This is totally f***** up. Go find yourself a bf of your age.

  • You people are sick. What the f***?

  • As a married man myself, I can tell you that 1) he is into you (what 39 year old wouldn't be attracted to a woman 20 years younger?) and 2) he will NEVER make a move due to the fact that he is married and would be afraid that you would freak and/or tell his wife.

    My advice to you is that if you truly want to hook up with him (and trust me, he only wants to hook up) then you have to make very obvious, aggressive suggestions to him so he knows for sure what you want.

    If you continue to simply flirt, it will go nowhere.

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  • There's no harm whatsoever. In fact, if HE doesn't take it further on his own, YOU should take it further, and just see what happens. I think the two of you would be great together, whether or not it ever gets serious. Just go for it and enjoy yourself......and your man. Forget about his wife and just focus on him, and think of him as already belonging to you.

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