I wanna bang him so bad...

So... There's this guy at work that i'm really into. I haven't been wanting to be in a relationship for years and have settled with the fact that i'm probably gonna be alone forever. I just turned 22 and I am over my teenage (falling in and out of love easily) phase. It's been a while since i've had a crush.... But after meeting this guy when I started working I just couldn't help it. At first it was just an innocent "Hi, nice to meet you... I'm so and so... You are?".... But after a while it became a friendship and I started noticing it becoming more and more.... FRIENDSHIPPY???..... It feels like we are sarcastically flirty with each other... With each time we (flirt)? I grow more fund of him....

One day we were having a conversation about relationships, and he tells me he has a girlfriend... I was shocked and reasonably VERY sad... I figured i'd just let him go, because i'm not about to be a second choice....

So I decided to not pursue it, but the "funny" thing is that the "flirting" did not stop, it actually just progressed... But i'm not sure if it's something that i'm imagining or if he's actually flirting with me... He's giving me mixed signals... Feels like he's drawing me closer to him but pushing me away at the same time...

Before anyone goes on about how he's such a sleeze for doing that, or cheating on his girlfriend.... I'd like to clear that the "flirts" are VERY non-sexual, it's kind of like friends.... doing a tiny bit of flirt... I don't know how to explain it but it's not FULL-ON flirt, just a very fun conversation I guess?

I've been trying not to show that i have feelings for him but i feel like he's starting to notice and it scares me to death, but I can't help myself around him. I've been thinking about him and I have s** lately, i've even acted like a h**** teen next to him, (fake moaning) at work to see his reaction, and we've talked about s**... not with each other but the people we've had s** with and stuff like that....

My problem is that I don't want to ruin his relationship, but at the same time I want him so bad. I don't know his girlfriend, and i've asked him if he and I could hang out outside of work but he said no. I have a feeling if we did, things would progress, but i'm very sad he doesn't want to hang out outside of work, and as I said, don't want to ruin his relationship (even though I would enjoy being a mistress - I don't care about anyones prejudice, i've just kind of had the hots for men choosing me over their significant other...). I'm not sure if I REALLY want to have s** with him and bang his brains out just because he has a girlfriend and that turns me on even more or because I genuinely like him...

I know it won't progress because of most of the factors mentioned above but just had to vent it out...

THE F*** DO I DO???

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  • Fake and gay

  • He has already let you know that he's not interested by not hanging out with you outside of work. He sounds flirtatious and he's just having fun with you. Don't take him seriously. Find a guy who's available.

  • In everything you do .. Don't f*** him .. Just don't f*** him .. XD

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