I want to sleep with a married coworker, and I think she does too

There's this gorgeous girl I work with that's been married for a couple years I think. The typical super hot girl in high school you couldn't even talk to because you were so nervous, only both of us are years past high school. We flirt and talk and every so often we get a little more detailed than a married woman and a single guy should. She's told me, on different occasions, that she was very "active" before marriage, bisexual and really wants to be with another woman again, and other stuff I won't go into. The other day she said she feels like there's some sexual tension between us and there shouldn't be because she's married. I don't her that didn't matter, and she said ya I know. There can be sexual tension between anyone, marriage doesn't automatically deter it. In generalized statements she's said she doesn't want to cheat on her husband, but its never been directly asked or suggested we do it. I don't want to make her do something she'll regret, but I think she wants it and I'm sure she knows I do. I kind of feel like it's the classic "you make the move so I don't feel responsible" attitude. I also feel like if I just say "so you wanna f***?" it will kill this little game that's going on and it might go somewhere if we keep playing it. I'm open to suggestions.

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  • On the other hand, you could meet for breakfast or lunch a few times a good ways off from the workplace, then casually mention to her that if you keep meeting like this that people might think you are having an affair. She may reply "you want to?"
    She wants to f*** she just doesn't know how to make the move.

    casually brush you hand across her ass sometimes and politely say..."oh please excuse me".

    do let us know how things are going

  • Yeah, don't ask her; she will say no. Just take it. Like the previous comment, just invite her to lunch and offer to drive. In your car, lean in and give her a kiss. That will start the ball rolling. She may act surprised, but let you kiss her. It probably won't happen all at once, but get a little bolder each time. In no time you will be kissing passionately and have hands all over each other. At that point say 'lets take this to my place' and drive over there. Hopefully it won't be a one time thing.

  • Just ask her out to lunch or ask her to meet you for breakfast before work. Doing married women is easier than you think,I have been doing them for years and am doing one now.
    The f*** is yours to lose, from what you have posted.If you don't ask her for it,in a discreet kind of way,someone else would and she will think you are a disgusting wimp:).Let me know how good the s** was, within the next 7 days please.Good luck.

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