My heart

I confront my step kids once or twice a year about something that is important to me. I can't stand
them being rude to me and disrespectful
when I don't deserve it and of course then they never take responsibility that they were wrong. They make excuses for themselves and say I better not be causing trouble for them. They say they are that way because that is the way it is...

No thank you

My step son has been living with me and his dad for 1 year, the first 3 months were great, but then he decided to change and show his true colors....which i was warned, but didn't believe, because he was so sweet and respectful and polite...he doesn't
lack manners, but he is very disrespectful calling his dad names F bombs everywhere for no reason when only he doesn't get his way.

he blames his adhd on everything, only to his advantage really!

he is 18 years old almost and still acts like he is in 6th grade.

I shut my mouth for the most part, but enough is enough especially when I have never been the enemy or my heart is so big they just step on it and take advantage of it.

I only have known them for 3 years, but from the time they started they've been rude to me and expect I owe them something. I don't owe them anything! I am in love with their dad and that is it!

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