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Some of my co-workers have been rude and disrespectful towards me because of my careless mistakes. I just keep it quite because I know I'm still learning. I just want them to understand that every mistake that I make is different. When people don't appreciate your hard work and your ability to not repeat the same mistakes. I just keep quite and let them humiliate me. I have to pretend like nothing happened, but honestly speaking, it happened. It's something I can't change, but I can definitely chance my reaction. They say, "what you say and do is your karma." I just know how to mind my own business.

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  • Take the toilet paper from the staff bathroom on those people can feel as s***** as they act.

  • I admire the fact that you are so strong in your resolve to learn, and that you understand that experience is the best teacher. I know you'll do well in your career and will eventually be the kind of mentor that everyone wants. Thanks for sharing your important perspectives!

  • Thank you for being kind. (:

  • If you're a greenhorn, then suck it up and take the s*** that's dished out to you. They'll respect you more later if you take it like a man now.

  • I'm not a man. Are you females dumb or something?!

  • I see why they give you a hard time now. You're f****** stupid. Take it like a man is a figure of speech dumb ass.

  • Lol I'm sorry. Some females have been harassing me lately by considering me as "male." I didn't mean to.

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