secret? I hear your voice, and I am

secret? I hear your voice, and I am undone.

i have had the most humongous crush on you ever since i first laid eyes on you. i LOOOVE your voice & think it's soooo damn sexy! that's what caught my attention & reeled me in from the very first moment! oh, god! that voice! i would do you in a heartbeat, even tho i know you're married & have a new baby. in fact, that's the ONLY reason i've never tried to come on to you - jus cuz you seem so happy in your marriage & w/your child, committed to your wife. …yet, you ARE a man, and let’s be serious here: not too many men will actually, if presented the chance, stay faithful & not accept a little new nookie if they really thought no one would find out about it.

i don’t wanna be a homewrecker, just your secret piece on the side; and i sometimes idly wonder if i could get you if i really wanted to, if i REALLY pursued you. being a scorpio thru & thru, if i want something (or someone), i can be very persistent, relentless, and particularly, patient, as i subtly, quietly, deliberately go about working from several angles to get exactly what i want, no matter what. not at all pushy, not outrightly or blatantly aggressive; yet effectively working, doing, accomplishing. but i have too much respect for your marriage & life to even go there. plus i dunno if i’m even your type. would you want me, even just a little bit? would you have even the slightest bit of interest in me? i certainly think so; but then again, maybe i’m actually just projecting my OWN feelings, wants, desires onto you.

yes, i admit - i have often thought of seducing you, at least giving it a try. nsa – would you be interested? would you let me rock your world, make you come, give you pleasure? then give me the same in return, our bodies writhing with fervent intensity? h***, if i ever picked up on even the SLIGHTEST hint that you'd be down, boy, i'd s**** you like there was no tomorrow! i’m jus real leery of even going there, tho, b/c what if someone found out? are you discreet enuff? do you like to talk, like to brag, like to share all your personal bizness? would you be careful & safe & cautious to make sure no one found out? i don’t know you well enuff to know, to be sure you’d keep it under wraps, & that would be VERY important to me, knowing how gossip could get started & flare outta control in our little area. i abso-frickin-lutely DREAD that ever happening!

i wouldn't even want a relationship or anything serious. just to s****. and for you to talk to me during. yes, i think you are a handsome guy (plus you have the most gorgeous eyelashes!), but i often fantasize about s******* you just to hear your voice - talkin dirrrty to me, tellin me what to do, sayin my name, moanin, anything! as long as i could just hear your voice, you talkin to me, i'd s**** you just for that! just to hear that sexy-ass voice of yours in my ear, enthralling me, encapsulating me, wrapping itself around me as i wrap myself around you, just becoming LOST in it, that voice. god! i am so so so into you, boy!!!!!!

every time i see you, every time we say hello to each other, every time we exchange even the most meaningless bits of conversation: i think wicked thoughts cuz your voice, your utterly amazing, incredible voice…i hear it, and i am undone.

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  • all are sad enough people to have sat there and read now arent you. Go ride a bike

  • is hella long!!!

  • What the f*** you should slit your wrists and die you are annoying, what the f*** is up with writting a confession that long

  • tl; dr

  • write a confession, not a f****** story!!! b****

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