the boys are 11 and 15 years old. If

the boys are 11 and 15 years old. If they want to contact you they will. Do you think they are so stupid they can't dial a phone? Maybe, just MAYBE they're f&*ckin' tired of listening to you and your mother flip out! You're both burnouts who are so burnt out you don't even know how burnt out you come off to other people. The boys haven't been taught to excuse lousy behavior and let people abuse them. If I wanted them to learn that, we'd still be married you fraud. The thing that p***** me off most is that everything with you has to be more than it is. A speck becomes a boulder, a sparrow becomes the vulture. You make more out of nothing. What will you do when REAL life comes after you? What will you do when something REALLY BAD does happen to you? Hm? While you're throwing yourself on the floor in hysterics, REAL LIFE is passing you by- then you get mad again because you didn't use your time wisely? So what's the answer- take it out on me. And the kids get caught up in the crossfire- all because you're an emotionally immature jacka$$. THAT'S why no one wants to be around you- you're a totally, emotionally immature JACKA$$. The rest of us showed up, we've done our job. For you- it's excuse after excuse. You CHOOSE to give excuses- and that's why you miss the boat.

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  • Thank you for that confession. I'm in love with someone who fits that description and I just realized if I stay with him or around him that's going to be my fate. Really sometimes you have to move on even if it burns you! Because you'll be burnt forever again and again with immature idiots like that. I hope I stick to this resolution and not cave in A-GAIN

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