god please help me!!!!!!!!! i'm

god please help me!!!!!!!!! i'm lost.....all i do is m*********....i read a lot of s**, incest stories.....i see only s** in women....i'm a lazy born guy...wont pray....wont go to church..all that is left in me is greed and l***.....i have broken the sacred commandments...i have committed adultery by my thoughts....I cannot do anything properly........i'm absent minded.....i'm possessed by the devil....somebody help me....plz pray for me...i wanna stop this....i wanna be a good man....god i've tried a thousand times....i fail each time...i fall for temptations easily....i have corrupted my friends and even my brother by act of homosexuality.....i even molested my cousin sisters....i tell only lies....i tell lies for nothin....my whole life is a lie....i have lost the ability to repent honestly.....my life is spinning out of control.... i know god is watching out there for me....plz help me to get towards him.....

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  • You have ADHD...Once you start ritalin ..ur compulsive behavior will go away ...trust me

  • I am the same way. i believe in god with all my heart and i know i will be judged some day. but i cant stop loooking at p***. Damn the internet! for real. anyway, keep believing and if
    we do, god will wash away all of our sins remember, satan does not come after and tempt those that are alwready lost. he only wants and temps those that want to be saved.

  • don't worry, get a p.t. job and seak professional help, you sound like a normal cristian.exept that you admit it.
    and please pray for those of us who are from another religion or or don't have one at all; we opted for an education.

  • i will pray for you

  • When you are teenage is the worst part of life confussed and the c*** is alway hard. Dont worry you will passed the phase
    it is normal.

  • Confess your sins and ask for an exorcism.Next go get your f****** head examined.

  • http://www.angelfire.com/in4/morality

  • Suck it up and enjoy your life.

  • It's alright to play with your joy stick

  • not every1 masturbates. feel for u man. im so glad that u wanna get better, cause this is obviously disrupting ur life. I will pray for u. I think u should talk to someone about this maybe ur just overly sexually active maybe theres more.

    Good luck man.


  • Hmm. I don't think that "church" will take care of getting rid of your urges. I think that you probably need to talk to someone like psychologist or a doctor. What you tell them is confidential and it sounds like maybe you tried the church thing already and it didn't work out so well. You talk about masturbation like it's a sin. It isn't. It's a completely normal thing that everyone does. However, several times a day probably isn't normal. Unless you're in your teens...

  • fantacies and urges are an evil cycle. The more you fantasize, the stronger the urger become. The stronger the urger, the more you fatasize. You need to dissipline your mind, and that's not easy.

  • Then you've already figured out you can't do it yourself. Living a Christian life 100% of the time, not just in front of others, requires help both from them and from God. Pray about it, tell some other people in your church that you want them to hold you accountable for your actions, and then wake up every morning determined to be better. Granted, of course you won't be perfect the day you try this, but life is all about a struggle to become someone better than you are now...

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