Help Me i Can't Take It Know More

I don't even know where to begin I am a Mexican kid who is 17 lives in the ghetto and has dreams of becoming a local cop one day just too help protect his community I have a dad who is the nicest person in the world to me and everybody I know. so is my mother but many times she can be mean to me calling me names like f***** and pu^yy which makes me really hater her but deep down I know I still love her I also had a brother that died not to long ago July 5 to be exact I miss him very much that there's is not one night that I don't dream of him it hurts so bad you guys that I can't function he was my big brother. it makes me mad at god sometimes because I ask him why did he take my brother away from me I loved him very much and god still hasn't answer. I also think I am a homophobic witch I don't want to be one because all I do is just m********* to gay videos or pictures and I tell god I am going to stop but all I just keep keep breaking my promise to him and even certain promise I make I tell him he can kill me in a painful way or even send me to h*** I just need help and do you think god will still forgive me after the 5,000,000,000 promise that I made over and over again.

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  • Lmao. Well, according to your religion and bible, youre going straight to h***. Buts thats okay because its gods will. So theres no point of praying either because he has a divine plan. Or you could think for yourself and accept that all religion is bullshit and that your brother is dead, the end. Move on. Its okay to be gay. Dont turn to religion. Thats the worst thing you could possibly do.

  • Kid, I'm just gonna come out and say it, you're gay, there's nothing wrong with being gay and the sooner you accept that aspect of yourself the less confused you'll be. Now about the thing with GOD, the way I see is that everyone is a sinner (as per the words of the bible) and I don't think you masturbating to men is any worse than the crimes others have committed, shoot I'll even say as long as you're not hurting anyone, what does it matter. And seriously just stop making promises you can't keep, if GOD expected us to go against our natural he would have made it so that fish could breath out of water, and you being gay is a just a part of you that isn't going to change. (whether you or anybody else want it to or not.) Also another thing, the reason why you're probably homophobe is because of your mother always calling you a f*****, that might be another reason why you don't want to accept the fact that you gay. But really a f***** is just a blunt and it has nothing to do with you being gay, which just means that you like men. So, next time someone calls you a f***** tell them "I don't smoke" it has the added bonus of making them confused and making them feel stupid at the same time for not understanding. Oh and I'll say this last piece, if you do decide to accept yourself just know that no one is going to force you to share it with anyone, if you are more comfortable with people not knowing that's fine, it's all up to you. I kind of know what you are going through if half way for I'm a bisexual and let me tell h*** of a lot of confusing before I could understand that, so, good luck and I hope everything works out with you and that you make it as a cop.

  • Guess the Meow troll is back...

  • There is the chance that you aren't masturbating to the men themselves, but instead the pleasure they're feeling? Maybe you just want to feel their same pleasure??

  • I'll let you know right now that I've been in your situation. I've promised God that I'd stop being lustful and dirty and have broken that promise many, many times. But if there's one thing I can tell from my church visits, it's that there is a God and He is real. If he weren't, then why would the church-goers be yelling and praising and crying? He's definitely there. And I've learned something else- That he does forgive. But not only does he forgive, he also punishes. God and your parents just want what is best for you- so do all you can to keep yourself clean, smart, and kind, as you are. You wanting to be a cop is very brave! Congratulations and good luck!! It's also very sweet of you to love your family so dearly

  • Perhaps the church-goers are yelling, praising and crying because they believe God is there. Beliefs can provoke an emotional response whether they're true or not.

  • Your desire to become a cop is commendable. It seems your beliefs about God are in conflict with your experience. At 17 you are old enough to begin questioning the religious beliefs you were raised with. Start by asking yourself what, exactly, you think God is and why you think He exists.

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