My gay neighbor

My wife and I had been living here in our new house in Missouri for 3 years. It was the beginning of fall. I was outside raking leaves. My next door neighbor came out to talk to me. He said, "Nice day today." I replied, "Yep. Sure is. Not too warm and not too cool." He said, "Don't think we have met. My name is shawn." I replied, "Terry." He said, "I like what you've done with the house. Your yard is very nice." I said, "Well my wife is more to thank. That and Steve." He said, "Steve?" I said, "Yeah. Her friend since she was little. He comes over once or twice a week." He said, "Drives a red Honda?" I said, "Yep. Thats him."

He said, "You wanna come over to my place?" I said, "What for?" He said, "Well, i see your wife isn't home. I thought we could go inside and have some fun." I said, "I'm not gay." He said, "Probably never tried." I said, "Actually I haven't." He said, "Then come with me. Let me suck your d*** once and then if you still don't like it then no harm no foul." I said, "Fair enough."

I'm not one to turn down a b******. This wouldn't be the first time I've cheated on my wife. I've had a long standing fling with an old high school girlfriend. She's married and obviously so am I. She only makes it into my town on rare occasion but when she does she shoots me a text and we get a hotel room. My wife found out about it. She was p***** but said she would let me do it but I had to not be p***** if she did the same. She soon after started having s** with Steve. Not just once or twice a year tho. They have s** more like once or twice a week.

Anyway. We go into his house. He embraces me and we start kissing. One of his hands went to my ass and the other one to my c***. I immediately got hard. I wasn't expecting to be so turned on so fast. He started peeling off my clothes. He then dropped to his knees and started sucking my d***. God did it feel good. We moved to his bed. He sucked on my b**** and licked my a******. That felt very good too. Then he went back to sucking my d***. It didn't take much for me to c**. Afterwards I usually get super sensitive. I wanted it to stop but he wouldn't. He kept going. It wasn't painful but didn't feel good. At first. Then it felt even better than before. Then I had another o*****. First time ever having an o***** back to back within minutes.

Afterwards I got dressed. My wife's car pulled up and I needed to get back. He said, "Will I see you again?" I said, "I do believe so."

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  • Fair is fair!! whats good for wifey is also good for hubby!! she can,t have any complaints!!

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