He is so handsome.

I have a huge crush on a guy who works at Walmart. My mom actually works there, and is friends with him, so of course she has to play match maker. She went and bought apples last night just to go through his damn line, and then told him that I didn't spoil her. He said that I should go home and clean the house for her, and they both said something else that I didn't quite catch, and then my mom asked him if he was going to teach me. He stuttered before he told her he didn't know me, and then mentioned my sister, who was there, also. He didn't say no, though.

He's in his twenties, so I'm not creeping on some middle aged man. He also has gorgeous blue eyes.

According to my mom, every time I'm with her, he looks at me.

I don't really know. Do you think I have a chance? (Ill be 18 in a month and 4 days, by the way)

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  • If nothing else you can ask him out, I mean, the worst that can happen is he says 'no'. Try something like "If you're free later do you want to go see that new movie that just opened up?" No one likes to risk rejection but you'll never know unless you try.

  • Say Hi. Ask him his opinion on something to get you two talking. You've got great chances and you don't even know it.

  • If he keeps looking at you, yeah you got a really good chance. Dont blow it by making it too hard for him to ask you out.

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