I don't understand

I really don't understand it, I hate that this seems to be the case but there's no way around it, I can't deny the truth just because it seems rude... I would really love to know a real reason why black women are so often incredibly rude, mean people? I've known MANY black women who were awesome people and many more who I've had no problem with whatsoever, but it just seems like more than any other demographic it's black women who are so horribly unpleasant in everyday life.

Out of all the jobs I've had, EVERY single manager that I've had a personal conflict with has been black and female. There has been an exception, and she is awesome, but I swear every single time I get a new manager who is black and female, I don't do anything different and I try just like with anyone else to establish a friendly and professional relationship but I almost ALWAYS end up having problems with them, and it's always them who provoke it! They [the specific people I have worked with] are just... horrible rude b****** for no apparent reason, like to start fights and like to talk loudly over you if you have a disagreement over whatever work-related thing might occur. Just normal coworkers are often the same. Not EVERY black female I have issues with, but time and time again, every time a coworker becomes a problem in my professional life, it's a black female. I don't understand.

I really don't want to be a huge a****** and I want to stop feeling like a horrible racist. I just need to know why this happens. I truly don't understand and it makes me feel awful. Why so often when I come across problematic customers, easily 75% of the time they are black and female? Why almost EVERY single time I've had a problem with a manager or coworker it has been a black female? Why? Really, what's the reason? I honestly don't treat them differently, I truly do not, I am a quiet person and I know better than to say anything that might seem rude to coworkers while at work. If the problem was really me just being a d*** without my knowledge it would make sense, but I've observed my own behavior and it truly is exactly the same as around everyone else, as far as I can tell.

Thank you for letting me vent. I'm sure I'll get some ugly comments, but truthfully this comes not from a prejudiced heart but one that wants to shed all prejudice. I just want to have normal interactions with people regardless of race or gender. I'm romantically attracted to black women equally as to any other type of person, so it's not that I find them distasteful in any way. I'm truly mystified as to why they're just... so unpleasant to me and everyone else? So much more often than black men, or white women or white men or anyone else? Why?

Nov 10, 2013

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  • Because they're angry about everything-- the way their race was treated in the past, the $hit they put up with nowadays. HOWEVER! That does not excuse them being belligerent and starting $hit where none was being offered.

    This is not helped by white knights who excuse every single antisocial behavior, as if black people are toddlers with no impulse control and all the adults in the room just have to suck it up. That also encourages them to start $hit, because if anyone dares to call them out on it, that person is now RAYCISSSSS.


  • Hmm... The reasons are many and difficult to discuss. One major aspects of these behaviors are based on and in the history of Blacks in America as well as the continued uneven and racists biases which still prevail in this country. These are no reasons for "bad behaviors" despite that many of these definitions are judged and based in what the majority defines as acceptable behavior... People are angry and tired of the general bs they must face just to survive. On top of societies bs they must deal with the personal family struggles within their own homes... These issues would stress anyone out; on top of having to justify ones self to what may considered some privileged white man. Who knows, but I do understand the question.

  • I understand this idea. Maybe it is just a different response to the variety of daily stresses that we all face to some degree. Perhaps that itself just causes a personality friction of sorts between me and those people. I don't know. I wish I had a solid answer.

  • "the variety of daily stresses that we all face to some degree"

    THIS. Life isn't easy for most people, but only blacks think they're entitled to escalate the smallest issue into scorched-earth bullshit. And the mealy mouthed little white cvnts who claim to be "allies" let them get away with it because bawwwww, they're BLACK. If that's not a candy-coated form of blatant racism, I don't know what is.

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