My Room Has A Depressing Vibe

I always say "People said the world would end on December 21st, but mine ended December 10th." My aunt, that I was close to for many years passed away in her house that day. The last year of her life she separated herself from most of our family, including me, and after an incident when she called the police on my dad, we weren't allowed to see her. I'm so tired of my mom and dad's games, they tell us we aren't allowed to see people that make them angry in a way. Anyways, three or four months after she died, my uncles good friend wanted to move in (there was no use for a newly renovated home to go to waste) so we took all the furniture out. At first no one would tell me what room she died in, but I kept feeling very strange around the bathroom hallway. Eventually, my mom told me she died walking into the bathroom. As I said, she had renovated her entire house about a month before, so it was all new everything. Furniture, carpet, different paint on the walls. The only thing she kept the same was her books. She had a great passion for reading, and owned her own bookstore that was also her living/dining room. I had just turned 15, and my room was decorated with things any normal 11 year old would have, I was so embarrassed about it. So I got my aunts bedroom furniture, a small bookshelf, a box of books, a bed (that she never slept on), two lamps, a bedside table, small wardrobe, a chair, and a desk. I began to sleep only during the day after having this furniture in here. My aunt had told me I took after her because we have a sleeping disorder where your "body clock" doesn't work like a normal person. I have been known to be able to stay up all night ever since I was little, but never really took great effect until I got her furniture. My room is completely white, except for a picture of my mom and I, a coca cola sign, and two signs I got from my aunt. My brother tells me all the time that my room is so depressing, and makes you feel as if the energy is drained out of you. I never really thought anything of it until my sister moved into my aunts house. She is 12 years older than me, so we get along pretty well. I was staying with her yesterday, and she mentioned that certain rooms, like the living room and bedrooms feel so depressing, even though the paint on the walls are abstract, (pink and avocado green, yellow and blue). But the only room in the house that actually feels happy is the kitchen. We live in the south, so that's pretty much a natural thing. After thinking about it, my aunt was a very serious person. She had a liver problem from being an alcoholic, and had to take many different medicines to keep her alive, so she couldn't have much salt intake. Salt being a problem, she cooked most of her own food so she wouldn't have any dangers. Still, my room at my house, and every room at my aunts (apart from the kitchen and enclosed porch) feels so depressing, and draining. Do you think it's from the vibe she left? Like maybe the furniture, the house has reflected her feelings and emotions somewhat?

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  • No. Because science.

  • Being psychic I can tell you that your Aunt will know that you cared about her.
    And no one dies they just pass away into another world.
    She will visit you at times.
    And if you think about her or talk to her she will hear you.
    I see Friday which should mean something to you.
    And I feel your aunt was wearing something red when she passed away.
    No matter what your parents think or say.
    Your aunt loves you for seeing her when you were younger.

  • It's possible. You can do certain things to improve the energy in your house. For one, your attitude..(not saying you have a poor attitude). Just mean you can create a happy vibe and maybe bring more color, pictures into your room. A plant or flowers can also brighten your room. Another idea (a little new agey) is to use white sage to smudge your room. Sage is known to help clear the energy in a house. You can typically buy a little sage bundle at a farmers market. And you just light it, you don't want a torch, but you want it so that it's smoking. It smells like weed. And you just sort, walk around the house and just ask that the negative energy leave and positive energy come in. Hey, it can't hurt and if it helps ..all the better right. There are other articles's one:

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