I Hate Being So Poor

I hate being poor we never have enough my family and i are being evicted and have one month to find a home im only 20 and i feel like my life is a never ending cycle of disasters i wish i can help my parents. sometimes i think about dropping out of college and selling my body to help my family as my parents get older and weaker they dont have the strength like they use to it makes me sad to say i have never seen them kiss or hug because they were to busy chasing this so call american dream but in reality we are no where near that we are broke and about to be homeless i cry cry cry and cry more. never heard myself cry because i am always crying in silence i been through it all nothing is new to me but revisiting the same situation can take a toll on you emotionally

Nov 27, 2013

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  • Dped step daughter rianna

  • Agree with all you said. Now here's the part you won't like and will call me names over: Find a dictionary. Learn what "punctuation" is.

    Poverty does indeed suck. It's even worse when you have habits that keep you there.

    You're welcome for the "real talk" everyone claims to want, but can't handle. Good luck.

  • You are only 20 and you are young . I struggled when I was young too .Don't give up,use your feelings of despair to fule your need to succeed in college.I don't know your parents but I do know they want you to have a better life than they had .So no giving up

  • Poverty is h*** , people can not get a good jobs without skills or an education , many people do not want skills that make you work hard , they want life easy and fun and to live life successfully but they do not know how other people got that way . learn a lesson from all of this , get the right education, not just a stupid education, or learn a skill . So many jobs of today beg for real work and sacrifice . I know lots of people will not take a job because it is not what they want , even though it pays really good . Be a h***** and become a victim or be dead , there is no easy way . companies do not hire without skills or education , the dream is still alive , but many are too lazy to understand that planning is very important ,they want it handed to them without hard work . Poverty taught me a valuable lesson and made me become very independent and make really good money , because I hated poverty .

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