[[So my friend has a boyfriend. We've

[[So my friend has a boyfriend. We've only talked over the phone and over AIM once or twice. Anywho, he confided in me over AIM that he's now "cheating" on my friend and he felt really bad about it- and to top things off, it was with one of her/my friends. He doesn't know what to do.
I told him that I had a "gut feeling" -like the many that I have- that the girl that he was cheating on from my friend was going to tell my friend what was going on. She was going to ask him if it was true, and he'd say yes, but he'd apologize quickly and the two would make up.
What should I tell him to do? I didn't want to tell him that she was thinking about saying no and just dropping him... I think she's going to be "on the fence", so-to-speak.

This is what I previously wrote.

Now what happened: I got this from the girl the guy was apparently "cheating" on.
all I did was try to make him sad (because I hate him) by makeing him think that I liked him because I know he likes me, and the next day I would tell him that I hate him so he would get mad/sad. To make it belivable I kissed him on the cheak aon AIM and thats not too bad because friends do that to friends...so...ya...and that he freakin takes 10 giant leaps and fingers me on AIM! I cant controll what he does to me and he started crying when I told him I hate him...and Lindsey started crying because he was...and everything is messed up..

NOW what the h*** do i do?!

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  • hey im young and i dont read Vogue or Cosmo or any of that s***, i actually read good books, and some of these dumb confessions not that this one is.

  • Hahaha, "don't be hatin'." Anyway, what the previous comment meant was read something other than Teen Vogue or Cosmo or whatever kids waste their time on these days. Read some classics like Dostoyevsky or C. S. Lewis. They'll put things in perspective.

  • I DO read. I realize that it's meaningless, but I can't help it if some people start crazy sh*t like they do.
    And they're MY idiots. Don't be hatin' on them. They're my friends; if that's a problem, then go away.

  • hey, kid, your drama is stupid and meaningless. one day you will realize this.

    your friends sound like retards. you should take up reading instead of hanging out with idiots.

    And I'm not even 13! [I don't want to either, by the way.]
    And if you're going to comment s*** on what's going on, don't even bother. I don't need your help if you're going to be like that.
    kthxbye. =]

  • uh, i hope this is a stupid joke.
    god help you if this is really the way that you and your friends think and write.

  • Friggin stupid teenage dramas. NO ONE CARES.

  • Give him a "iI'm sorry" b******.

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