I am a teacher...

I am a teacher and I have many confessions. Here are just a few:

1. I rarely read the essays I assign. I check to see if they are long enough and the handwriting is good, then put a grade on it.

2. I don't waste my time trying to help the students who are never going to understand certain concepts. Aka the "slow" students. I give them "effort" grades and move on. I used to try to bring those students up a level or two, but after ten years, I can tell when it's an impossible task.

3. I am jealous of my students' social lives. I wish I was young again. They do the coolest things on the weekends. I do chores.

4. If you see a bad teenager, it's the parents' fault.

5. I see firsthand the coming divide between the rich and the poor, based on what comes through my classroom. There are the highly-motivated, intelligent future doctors and lawyers, and then the barely-awake mouth-breathers who are just being pushed through. There are not many "middle" students anymore, just as there will not be many "middle class" a generation from now.

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  • Where is your empathy?
    Let me give you an example:
    Imagine if you were in an unfortunate car accident and you were left with cognitive impairment or were left with physical impairments - how would you feel if no one wanted to take the time to rehabilitate you someone labelled you as ‘ just a mouth breather!’ Perhaps, now you can understand how some children feel in school. Some children don't choose how they are born. Everyone is a human being and if schools breed cultures where some teachers do not care about some children, it speaks volume about the leaders who run the schools and what kind of people they hire. I would be so ashamed hanging around some teachers who thought like you do! ~ Intelligent people exercise compassion and empathy. They should have subjects like this in school because if we don't have these traits the sad reality is: The whole human race is doomed!

  • Another useless teacher! Get the necessary resources for the struggling students, if they are considered a 'waste of space' or like you shockingly suggested: barely-awake mouth-breathers. Imagine how they would feel about you? There is no such thing as a useless student. All are gifted/special in their own unique way. Some teachers are learning disabled and have no idea how other students are 'hard wired!' Some teachers just forget why they are in their chosen field. Get out if you do not want to help the strugglers! Schools need to invest in special education teachers. They cost too much! Please don’t suggest that some children need to attend special schools. In some cases, some children do whilst other children just need encouragement and support. If some students are slow, in some instances, it is no clear indication/reflection of how the parents are bringing up the child (ren). Sometimes, the schools are too politically motivated and forget about students who need extra support and assistance. Not everyone can become doctors and lawyers. Who would especially, in these challenging times? Anyway, some of the lawyers and doctors that come out of university today, just do their job and go with the flow. They become disillusioned because the Law does not allow them to practice the way they should! Too much corruption and power play going on just like teachers in the classroom. They focus on the intellectuals because they believe that it is a true reflection of themselves, which sadly is not the case!

  • F****** -finally-, a teacher confession that has nothing to do with oversexed middle school girls! Although I feel sorry for OP because their eyes are actually open to the world, which is a rare and painful condition. Observations showing awareness like this are always, always followed up with defensive nonsensical mooing from the dumber parts of the herd, as is seen below.

  • My own confession as a teacher is that there is a girl in my homeroom class that started last week that I can't get out of my head. I can't say she's beautiful or well built, and she's not even popular, but every time she walks into my class in the morning I just want to grab her, throw her over my desk, pull up her uniform skirt, and f*** her until she o******, squirting all over me, my desk, and the entire front row of students. I get an erection whenever she's in my classroom, or when I see her in the hall or in the commons, or when I think about her, even laying in bed at night with my wife. I want to take this girl and do everything to her body that has ever been done to the body of a female woman and then a few more things that have never been done. I want her, and I want to be with her, and I want to belong to her. She makes me crazy with desire for her.

  • Teachers like you should be put in the firing squad!

  • I sure would not mind a teacher doing that to me

  • As a High School Drop out at 18 You've basically proven most of my theories on what you people actually do turns out I was right all along

  • WOW - you are spot on. Glad to see I'm not the only one, not that I really doubted it.

  • My confession is that I find any male teacher in his twenties that is fit so freaking sexy, and it turns me on so much.... I could really have s** with a teacher... it will be so hottt

  • As a Teacher its in their best interest for you to help them so they succeed at school and after leaving school.
    Sometimes it is partly the parents fault-but you are there in your job to teach them and to read what they write.
    A lot will fail unless you decide to help them more.
    And if you feel its not the type of job you want.
    Then look for another job.
    The pupils will learn nothing without proper help.

  • When are the new confessions coming in?

  • Here's mine. I hate women with fake t***. They suck!

  • Okay. I'll do mine. My psycho girlfriend killed my cat. She cut Buffy's head off and sent it to me as a Christmas gift. F***** B****!

  • My confession is my ass is too fat. Kisses, Brenda

  • Here's mine: I hate the MEOW person!

  • I know who meow is. I won't post his name because I don't want to embarrass him, though he probably wouldn't even know it was embarrassing. Meow is no kid. He's in his fifties. He used to work for NASA until his brain got fried from all that out of space stuff. He went totally bonkers. As the story goes he thought he'd been reincarnated as a cat. After that he never spoke like a human again. All he said or wrote was meow. Legions of mental health specialist have tried to help him and he's on loads of meds. All to no avail. It's really pitiful that a man bright enough to work at NASA has been reduced to writing meow on websites. Take pity on him. There but for the grace of God go you.

  • Sounds like someone really hates their job. get a new one and stop messing with the future generation.

  • That's just your bitterness filter working hard as usual, honey. OP has his eyes open, which is a painful quality to have in a world stuffed with idiots such as yourself. Speaking of "messing with the future generation," you've probably reproduced (dumb half awake people usually do) so maybe shut up there too, okay

  • You sound like you got your teaching degree from a scholarship from someplace that was as lazy as you are. No wonder the state of our nations students today. Sounds like some of your students are writing the confessions here. I feel sorry for your students.

  • Gawd! You're a d***!

  • Well then suck me babe!

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