I see things

I am about to lose my mind. I hate it. My parents don't take me seriously and I can't take it anymore.
I've been suffering from horrible, terrifying hallucinations for about 6 years now. I am 17. I'm scared to tell them my most horrifying ones. I tried to commit suicide when I was 13 years old because of it. Then I tried a year later. The last time I tried was last year. Anyway, most of them are just auditory, but recently I had a horrible visual hallucination. It was night time and my room was pitch black. I looked at it for the longest time, not able to move. It looked like a person in the dark, but I couldn't really tell. It was scary though and I was close to screaming. While I was having it, the most worst feeling came over me. It hasn't gone away yet. I don't know how to explain it.
I'm going to a therapist, but I'm not on medication. I don't really like him either. He's very weird.
I just can't take this anymore though. It's very stressful and terrifying.
I also have nightmares.
One more thing before I finish this confession, ever since I was little I have NEVER had a good dream.
I would always have nightmares and I would wake up numb because of how scared I was. My face would be numb from panicking and I would feel frozen.
Anyway, that is my confession. I feel better now at least until another hallucination ruins my day.

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  • This actually doesn't sound like schizophrenia- if you had schizophrenia you would probably have just started hallucinating, instead of since you were 11, and you hallucinations would usually be auditory, not visual, and you would have many other symptoms as well. It still sounds like you might have some form of psychosis, especially if your hallucinations are very distressing to you. You should definitely get help.

  • You need to get a therapist who you can talk with and feel comfortable with enough to talk about anything you feel you need. Actively seek help despite the seeming lack of of support. Wishing you the best.

  • This sounds like you are suffering from schizophrenia. Treatment is available and there is hope for freedom from your fear. Is there anyone you trust? Have you talked to them?

  • Your house is haunted...

  • You should google jins and the world of jinn.

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