My Son-In-Law Flashes Me All The Time

I am in my late 60's. My son-in-law is 45 and very nice. He has been married to my daughter for 24 years now and they seem to have a good marriage.

Last Summer, my SIL took a job here in the town where I live, which is about 100 miles away from his home and family. Of course, I let him stay with me during the week and he drives home on the weekends.

About a month after he moved in, he began to wear more revealing clothes at night before bed. At first, he would wear pajama pants, and that was just fine. Then, he took scissors and cut the pajamas into very small shorts. So short, in fact, that sometimes I can see his d*** when he bends in a certain way. The first time it happened I thought for sure it was an accident. But it's happened so many times since then that I know there is no way it's accidental.

Sometimes late at night, while I lie in bed with the light off, he stands in my doorway wearing those pajama shorts and he talks to me. It's just casual conversation, but it's obvious that he's got an erection. He always touches himself through the cotton fabric and he makes it plain and doesn't try to hide the fact that he's playing with himself while he talks to me. When he first did it, it honestly worried me and I just thought that surely because the light was off in the bedroom, he thought I couldn't see him. But it's happened so often now, that it's obvious he wants me to watch.

So I watch him. Over the past few months he's gotten much bolder. Sometimes he leaves the button on his pajamas undone, so that his d*** hangs out in plain sight. I admit, it turns me on, although neither of us make any reference to it. On two occasions, he has actually sat on the couch in the living room while we watched a movie together, and his hard d*** pokes through the hole in his shorts, while he strokes it with his hand. I don't dare talk to him about it, because I don't want it to go any further, and I honestly don't want to hurt his feelings either.

Should I tell my daughter? Should I talk to him? It makes me feel attractive that he would want me that way, but I'm too shy (or afraid) to ever act on it. I never would. Part of me thinks it should stop, but part of me enjoys the attention that he shows me. I would never allow it to escalate.

I've decided that he's simply an exhibitionist and enjoys showing himself to me like that. I don't encourage him, but I don't stop it either.

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  • I do this to my mother in law all the time she even told my wife and she got mad but did not do anything about so one day at lunch i wait to her house and I seat behind her a jack of with spit so she could hear it and when I was about to c** I got up and walk over to her too see she was rubbing her self and she looked over at me and said what are you doing and before I know it I came all over the side of her face and hair you could tell she was mad but did not say anything so I was just standing there with my d*** getting soft and she got off the couch and walk over to the front of my and said I she sucks it will I eat her out and lick her ass becasuse know one has never done that to her before and I said yes I was the best lunch ever

  • Want to f*** my mother inlaw but her and my wife are really close she will flirt a little but I don't think she means it. How can I seduce her or just leave it alone she's 66 and hasn't had a man in a long time. Dammmmmm I know she would be a really good f*** is there any women that age that would f*** there son inlaw at that age I'm 46

  • Pull your head out, suck his d*** n then do it with him and your daughter... It's only s** !!!

  • I'd like to f*** my mother inlaw shes66 and flirts with me but nothing harsh want to make a move but scared been married 23 years

  • I'm 19 & f****** my aunt, she seduced me at a party gave me a deep b******* in the bathroom shot loads in her mouth, One day she invited me over & we got naked she blind folded me started sucking my c*** when suddenly two mouths were around my c***, it was her husband
    I was so shocked at first my aunt said if I was to continue f****** her I had to have both that night I tasted my first c*** she loved watching me with his c*** in my mouth while she sucked me he come loads in my mouth & I kissed her we also did my first DP is it wrong to f*** her she's now 53 & so h**** for c***

  • Lifes to short suck him & take that c*** deep in you

  • Spread you legs and play with yourself when he's at your door. If I was him I would have been there naked, no games, you see my hard d***, you know how I feel, I want you, look what you've done to my d***, YOU've got me so hard because YOU are sexy. Strip naked, spread you legs and let me give you the wildest pleasuring you've ever had.

  • I had similar experience, also a son-in-law who lived in my house. I can use the money because I am a widow of 66 and I have a small pension.
    Me daughter often joked on the phone that he was lucky to have 2 women now and it was fine for me to have a man in the house again. Then she said that I must be very nice to him because he deserved it. Another time she asked me if I took good care for him because he wanted to so often in weekends with her, she can't hardly do anything else then pleasing him again and again.
    Then he came one night to my bedroom and stayed with me till morning. I was never so tired and fulfilled.
    I think my daughter knows because now she jokes that finally she has some rest at weekends, or if he has done his best for me enough, then again if I am still satisfied with him and that kind of things.
    Now I have agreed with him that he may continue to nights only on Wednesdays with me also to keep performing at weekends.
    With my daughter we still made jokes about him on the Phone and it remains an unspoken secret or what I may or may not have with him. Everyone is happy with as it is now.

  • You must be such a great lay for him to cut back on f****** his wife, with my mother in law was like you

  • Don't waste your time! He wants you for sure.
    Let him, there comes a day that you give in to it and then do you regret it that you have not allowed yourself to enjoy from him before.
    You can keep it quite secret so don't hesitate!

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