Indecent Daughter

I'm a 16yo girl, living in South East Asia region.

Most people will think that I'm a really good and innocent girl. Well, I'm good. I behave accordingly, never miss church time, straight-A's students. What they don't know about is my naughty sexual thought.

I have a BF but we haven't got any far. I don't know why, maybe because of the nature of our environment, like we're labeled as good child, we're asians (it's quite taboo for pre-marital s** in my country).

I have something that really bothered me, up until I decide to look it up on internet and post my confession here. It happened about 1 month ago. I have the urge to tease and having s** with my own dad. The thought of having his arm hold me, while f****** me hard, really almost unbearable at some point. My dad usually stay at home, since he's a contractor and nowadays he doesn't get any project. While my mom is a business woman and traveled abroad for business opportunity, quite a lot. It leaves us the time for the two of us, my dad and I.

At first, I don't have any clue about it. Well, I never really put a thought about it. I have my own fantasies but never involve my dad. So, last month, I finished my shower in the afternoon and got out with only quite a small towel to cover up my body. My dad saw me and commented "never get out of the bathroom with only a towel, you're already grown up, especially with a man in a house". I didn't know, what caught my mind, I smiled at him and flashed him my body. Just for a brief moment, like 1 second. His face.. was like really shocked and has rendered him speechless. I then walked to my room.

From that moment on, this wild thought of seducing my dad is coming wild. To be honest, I was changed drastically. I admit; I tried to seduce him even more. Even though that he seemed to be strong and know his position.

One night, I was dressed in my pajamas, with no bra (intentional). I went out to look for my dad in the living room, since he like to watch late night tv show. I told him that I couldn't sleep and want to spend my time watching tv too, so I can get my eyes tired. I caught his eyes several times, ogling my pajamas, as it was cream color and you kinda see it through with the right angle of light. So.. I let him.

Nothing happened though. And I don't know what will come next. I'm really feeling bad about this and I don't want anything to change our happy family.

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  • I to am asain and two years ago when I was 16 I use to flirt with dad when ever I could when mom wasn't around then one evening watching Tv dad had his arm around me and his hand was right over my left breast ans without thinking he was rubbing my nipple and it became hard and the harder it became the more he played with it then his other hand lifted my PJ's top his hand went beneath and started in rubbing my other nipple soon my hips were moving and my breathing was very erratic and I don't know when it was but dad started in playing with my puss and I was sitting on his lap totally naked. It didn't take to long till dad f***** me breaking my hymen making me bleed and he must have f***** me for nearly a hour the first time. I never had a o***** but man did he ever c** on my belly, but he continued to f*** me he said he couldn't stop for I felt so good to him and it wasn't long till he began to make me feel something I never have had before. To this day we still f*** and I still tease him a lot and it makes him horney as h*** for me. He's even f***** me when mom was at home fixing dinner and he came into my room c*** in hand telling me to bend over and he took me quick and gave me his c** deep. got me another time when mom was in the shower and he got me in the hall way but he had his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. Daily dad takes me every morning for mom leaves for work 30 minutes before I have to leave for school but dad takes me so we have 45 minutes alone and together. We both know it's taboo but we love each other and I am now on BC pills so I wont get pregnant and dad says he's never had such a tight puss on his c*** and I surely haven't had a bigger one. No BF for me as long as I have dad.

  • Every action has consequences, both good and bad though that by no guarantees that the two are in balance that we can perceive as far as I know. Prepare to live with the burden of your responsibility for your choice, take a long look at it since you're 16 and got a potentially long, long life ahead. Want to know what that's like? Here's a glimpse: you will think about it, every day, all day, for the rest of your life, and you may have to find yourself explaining or justifying yourselves one day 20, 40 years down the road. My advice: honor your father. You'll probably see why when you have to take care of him when he's an old man. I think that there is a better love between a father and a daughter than s**. It's an absolute, unconditional love. What an amazing love it is, too! Consider please whether it's worth it to cross a line you can't come back from. If your father has sense, he will see that as well. (Did anyone expecting something to stroke off to really read through all this hoping to find something hot? Well, I'm on the can while I write this. Oh, baby.)

  • Completely agree with you

  • Part of a dads role is to protect his daughter. I love my daughter. I encourage her to be beautiful even sexy. To be proud and confident about herself and her body.

    I talk to her about how her beauty and clothes will attract guys. I also tell her that guys see girls as a conquest and once they have f***** the girl they feel done that and go looking for the next conquest.

    So by all means flirt around your dad but consider he may find you beautiful and sexy but also know that his role as a dad is to celebrate and protect you. To hug you and cuddle you. Hopefully when you have been f***** and dumped by some guy you will know you can go home and be safely comforted in dads arms.

  • There is a site where you can sexually tease others if interested.

  • If you don't want to upset your family leave well enough alone. Spend time with your dad in your PJ's if you want but don't go teasing him to far for you will regret it in the end. Right now all you're doing is thinking with you hormones instead of your brain and it will soon pass believe me.

  • Why don't you just ask him to f*** you and flash your sixteen year old c*** to him, i don't now any man who could resist a sweet young c*** like your, my daughter flashed her c*** at me and i was up her in two second flat and we f*** for most of the night. The best thing is i took her hymen and now we can't get enough of each other, so good luck and go for it.

  • I'm Pakistani. My Dad first took me when I was 12. His p**** felt so good after the initial pain subsided. I'm 23 and married with 2 children, but Dad and me still have it whenever we can without being caught.

  • I'm English. Daddy broke me in when I was 8 years old. I'm 27 and married now, but I still visit daddy for a quickie.

  • I wanna chat with you. message me on

  • Take the plea of fear. Say you're afraid of sleeping alone. Sleep next to him. Wear no bra and stick your b****** to him. Lay on your side with him behind you and ask him to hug you from behind. When he does that, Jutt your bottom backward and drag his hand on your bo.obies... skip your panties and bra. He won't f.uck you if you're from a conservative culture but at least you'd love it when his b**** pokes your booty and he feels your ni.pples subtly. Enjoy

  • You're not only ruining your family, but also your life. Go f*** your boyfriend not your dad.

  • So where you stay indecent girl...wanna meet you

  • You should suck his c***

  • That sounds a good idea , while he is watching tv just get his c*** out and suck him down your throat and play with his b****.

  • Watch tv with him again, give him a goood show. Lay on couch in a midknee gown with no panties on. Act like your asleep and let him see all your honeybum. If he sitting on coych, go lay your head in lap, and feel him grow under your head. When hard, just roll some so your mouth is on his c@ck. He will come around if you tease him enough

  • You live India?
    Bangalore to be particularly......

  • I'm English and I lived a long time in Bangalore. I rented a room in a house not far off the MG Road. I often paid 10 and 11 year old street girls to satisfy my needs. Their preteen love-holes were so tight.

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