Looks? or love? pt1

My Boyfriend is a 6'1" 160 lb track star. He is the definition of my dream, physically. He has close cropped curly black hair, a strong jawline, abs for days, nice thin but muscular legs- the whole package. He is seriously the cutest boy I've ever seen.
but... well...
I am an alto in my school, church, and state choir. I have a very small frame,and long black hair. My boyfriend towers over me making him all the more sexier. The thing is... well... My boyfriend doesnt have a clue about my needs. Ive hinted, dropped clues, and even out right told him about how I need to be satisfied. He is a good kisser sometimes, but I feel like our love is starving. He is rather stupid (I dont really mind) but it seems he looses all brain functionality when we get personal. Its like he has zero self confidence only when regarding s**. If he would just put his hand on my ... he'd feel how turned on he gets me. He's so g****** sexy but doesnt know how to be a f****** man. It has been nearly two years now and I dont know what to do. The farthest we've gotten is me grabbing his hand and forcibly putting it on myself and moving it for him, because he didnt seem to understand what he was doing. It is literally the biggest turn off ever. Ive went down on him a few times (average size) but he always gets this dumb look on his face like a fat guy getting a massage. How can he be so g****** sexy but be so horrible as s**?! I broke up with him briefly, realized I loved him and all his quarks,and asked him out right after new years. I decided it wasnt so bad being with a nice guy...

I went to a party last friday night. A few choir buddies and a bunch of older people. lots of drinking, lots of party games lots of fun had by all (my boyfriend doesnt drink so he didnt come). I got pretty tipsy, to the point where I knew I shouldnt drive. The Hostess offered me a room and all was well. Did a few shots. had some good conversations, but wasnt truly ready to pass out, just a strong buzz. started talking to an old friend of mine from school. He is a horrendously amazing baritone, famous in the state for his opera work at such a young age. I had never noticed him truly before. We did a shot and go to talking about our relationships. He felt tied down by his girlfriend of 3 years. No personal growth. Like a dove with his wings clipped. I told him my situations and we had a long talk about futures after highschool and all sorts of things. I had never noticed his dark complexion and jet black hair before. His eyes changed from yellow to green to dark green almost black. He was not nearly as handsome as my boyfriend, but the way he looked at me made me feel so so sexy and to be honest h****. I could see his eyes trace up and down my body when he thought I was looking away and I loved it. I saw his fists clench and release, toying with the thought of taking me in his arms. He wore a tight blue tee shirt. He was about my height, maybe the tiniest bit shorter but he makes up for it with natural jet black hair, not gelled, but pushed up into a soft fluffy replica of that dude Barry Steakfrys from the Jet Pack Joy Ride iphone game(that is seriously the only comparison I could think of, he thought it was funny and laughed). I liked his laugh, it was small, honest, and unashamed, unlike my boyfriend's forced hardiness that he takes a weird pride in. He had a slight 5 o'clock shadow, not on his cheeks or upper lip, but from his sideburns down around the edge of his face. I though form the moment I saw him that that was sexy as h***. I'd begged my boyfriend do grow some, any , any at all facial hair, but it was a solid no. He was funny. Shamelessly funny not afraid to make me laugh, which my boyfriend is too, but again it feels forced and fake.

Find part 2, Im all out of characters


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  • You call him stupid and you can not even spell "loses"???

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