It's because im fat!

I'm so happy! My husband finally opened up and told me why we haven't been having s** regularily and why his libido was down.. It's because im fat!

I was so worried it was something worse like low testosterone or he just had chronic low libido or lack of love.. I'm glad it's something I can actually fix and work on. Now II'mnot afraid of being rejected if I lose weight and he still doesn't want s**. I feel safe to do this now. A huge burden has lifted. Men, be kindly honest with your wives instead of insisting it's not about her weight gain like my husband. All that did was confuse more and make me feel depressed and unhopeful of a resolution.

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  • Is that the real reason, because your fat?....hmmm, sounds strange? how is he satisfying himself sexually then? did you ever investigate this? i dont want to jump to conclusions, however generally if your living and married to someone and suddenly he stops having s** with you for no reason other then your fat, and this behaviour gos on for more then 6 months or more then 1 year, then maybe he is getting s** else where? wordly people dont trust anyone, they dont trust as easy as you do, why dont you wise up a bit, im not saying thats what he is doing, but you sound to innocent by half and thats not good, because you may get very hurt one day if you dont become more worldy to men..........

  • Every woman has a right to s**, regardless of size, beauty, origin, race and so on.
    If your husband does not give it to you, I think that you have the right to get it from someone else.

  • I gained 70lbs on medication. I haven't had s** with my husband in almost 2 years because I am so self-conscious.
    I have been working out and dieting on the meds, so I just quit taking them. My husband smokes and he has E.D. which can be caused by smoking because the blood doesn't circulate to the p****. He hates taking Cialis and I hate being obese.

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