Keyed Coaches Car

This happened a while ago, i told a lot of my fiends but i felt as thought that wasn't enough.

So, this is what happened.

I play doubles on a tennis team. The thing is only the best 7 players get to play in games (3 in singles and 2 pairs in doubles is 4 people).

The season started off well, there was a exchange student from Germany that had background in tennis. She is extremely talented and has a wonderful personality. I became immediate friends with her.

The coach, Mr. Derpin (name changed), is a total PERVERT. He spies on girls ass and b******, thinking no one will noticed. But i see his wondering eyes all over the exchange student Anna (name change). I can tell he grew fond of her as time passed on. In fact the entire team notice and teases Anna about it. She deny it but its true.

Here's some extra spice, Coach Derpin has a teacher review on a website. Most of his reviews were negative. Students gave him a 1/10. They say he is a pervert and said subjective things, but we won't get into that.

Anyways, so one day there was a tennis game and the bus was scheduled to leave at 2:45pm. Anna was 15 minutes late to the bus. While everyone was there on time, including me. Coach Derpin waited for her.

However, I arrived at the parking lot at 2:43pm on another away game to see this m*********** driving away! He left me even after being told i was 1 min away from the parking lot.

So here i am, looking like a idiot standing in my hideous tennis uniform. At that moment i felt embarrassed cause i ran after the bus for a short while and infuriated! He waited 15 mins for Anna and not me when i wasn't even late for the bus.

I was so p*****, my conscience was completely diminished. A team member called and said "OMG, Mr. Derpin just left you! im so sorry, we don't know why he's being so mean!" i said "WTF i wasn't even late, that a****** son of a b**** can eat a d***". All of a sudden Mr. Derpin takes over the phone and said "you were late to the bus, we couldn't wait for you".

At that point i was eager to rip out his ears out through the phone. But somehow i was about to contain myself. In my head i was like "WOW, YOU M************ D*******, ARE YOU DYSLECTIC? CAN YOU F****** TELL TIME? IT IS 2:45 RIGHT NOW. SUCK MY C*** YOU LOUSY SACK OF S***".

I just wasn't having it. I hung up on him. I decided to walk home, but suddenly while walking past the teachers parking lot i saw Derpins car. Spontaneously all these devious ideas loomed over me.
-I had a racket, i could break his windows or his rear view mirrors.
but that would make too much noise and draw attention.

So instead, i grabbed my keys and forcefully dragged it across his car. It felt amazing. Every second of the screeching metal was music to my ears. Once i got to the end of the car, the damage wasn't enough. I wanted more. I wanted him to suffer. I wanted him see his f***** up car and cry over that s***. I went to the other side and did the same thing. then once more. It felt satisfying and uplifting.

Revenge is strongly unadvised. But if that person deserves it, then DO IT.

Mar 13, 2014

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  • I would like to do that with Meow's car; that is if that p*** ant has one.

  • Fake as Rocking horse s***.

  • You, O Doubting One, are a t*** burglar.

  • Bhahahahaha! O' butt hurt one.


  • You are WOEM (Coded to keep your true identity secret).

  • Save your breath...You'll need it to blow up your date.

  • Bahahahaha! I remember my first!

  • You are Rear Admiral.

  • WTF? Rocking horse s***? Who says that? Though I'll give you points for originality. But, your ass wasn't at the scene of the comeuppance, so on your high rocking horse you don't know what you are talking about. Well maybe you do know what you are talking about with rocking horses and s*** like Celestial Mechanics and scoring chicks, but you don't know diddly poo about this awesome act of vengeance.

  • Bahahahahaha I remember my first beer too.

  • You are a*** astronaut.

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