I hate it that some people are so lucky, and they don't even notice my friend's brother, he's problably getting into a university that i really want, but because y life iss hard, i could never get into, he is rich, paying a lot for the university it's no big deal, they are rich, y friend is also going to NY to study photography, i am not jealous because of the career they chose, but because he is getting my dream concluded, and their family is so good, and he is handsome...
he has everything, everything i wish i had. I really want to get into any university actually, but if it were a good one like him's that would be even better...hope he gets it, but i wished i could get too. i mean, why god? Why must i live here, in thi cuntry, where i don't want to be...Why could i not get into a better school, and now not into a better college, my parents never really encouraged me to get into any of these, they really didn't care, and even if i get into a university outside my country, they would be like, how the h*** do you gonna get the money?? Selling yourself? haha, maybe, maybe i should become a prostitute and then get the money, because just like my mom says, money i everything, i really hope my daughter, when i have one, i hope she could get everything she dreams of, not like her mom that is so stupid, and hope she can get it, truly...i just am so sad, why is life so hard? why? please god, just make this for me, just let me get outside the country, please god, let me live my dream...i think, if i can't get this, my life is going to be h***, i really want this, but why do i have to be poor and stupid?
please lord, i just want that, i want it so much, more than anything, more tha richness, i just want t get outside my ountry, get int a university, and live my life normally...please, lord, this is everyhting i ask for...
And go get f***** you rich, smart people!

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