I'm not sure if I should be doing this.

I'm a single, 13 (14 in may) year old girl in my last year of middle school. There is this boy in my school who is 14 (15 in September) and I like him a lot, I even love him. I don't use that word lightly.
I'll use his nickname. Sebby currently has a girlfriend, but for the past few months they have had several fights. Ever sence October I have been sitting by Sebby on the bus every day. He knows I love him. During the last few months that Sebby and his gf have been fighting, he has been cheating on her... With me...
We have meet ups every once in a while and the past few have been make out sessions with slight sexual touching. At school he spends a lot of time with his other friends but finds time for me. Sebby and I have been kissing sence November (my first kiss idk if he knows that). Lately, on the bus, Sebby has been touching me in increasingly sexual ways. With my approval of course!!! And I have been trying to do stuff to him too but I'm a tad bit nervous about it and keep backing out.
Today on Facebook we where chatting about what he would get if we did another meet up. He suggested something that was a bit much for me (feel free to ask what it was) and I oviously said no. He suggested something along those lines and I said no again. I want to repay him for everything he has done (sexual or not) but I'm not sure what I should do... I have some ideas but I have no clue how to do most of them.
Please don't discuss rude things about him and his gf! Honestly, she is a b*** and is constantly spreading rumors and getting people intrubble anyway she can so i don't feel bad one bit.

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  • I sucked Sebby off once. We both agreed that it was a mistake. He said that I should move on but then on the last day of school he did the touch thing again. *sigh* boys are so confusing...

  • Hey sweetie, listen. You're 13 and 14, you're in middle school right? This reeeaallyy shouldn't even be a problem right now:( he has a girlfriend, and trust me, I've liked taken guys, but please don't try to come between them unless you have a VERY good reason. I agree with \below/ that he is most likely a player, and you might end up with your heart broken. Take it from me, I'm 16 and have had maannyy crushes and a number of boyfriends, and if I were you, I wouldn't waste my middle school life on him:) I now have a great boyfriend and I hope you will someday too, but right now, maybe just lay low?

  • First, he has a girlfriend so he's not available to you. Whether you think she's a b**** or not; she is still HIS girlfriend. And you may like him, but at the end of the day, he uses you and chooses her. Not saying this to hurt you, I'm saying this to open your eyes. Guys will say a lot of things to get what they want. Every girl gets that it feels good to have some cute guy pay attention to them. But we can also tell you it also hurts when it's not the right kind of attention. Sebby is a player. He doesn't care about you in the way you want him to. Lets say he breaks up with his gf and you go out with him. Do you think he's going to stop cheating? No, cause he's having way too much fun and getting away with it. You owe him nothing except to look at the situation and realize what a dog he is and you deserve soo much more. RESPECT AND LOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR BODY and don't settle for boys who will treat you like this. It will save you a lot of tears and hurt if you walk away from this now.

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