I dont know what to do

I don't know if im depressed or not, like I cut when me and my friends or family get into a fight but that's it really. I don't really feel sad when im around people but when im alone I hate it , it scares me I think of suicide sometimes and go hardcore cutting I se to cut on my thighs but it go so bad I doesn't hurt when I cut on my thighs as much. I don't think im bipolar. I don't know what to do

May 18, 2014

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  • Your blaming yourself like it's your fault when it's not

  • The first sign of being suicidal is when you cut yourself. The fact that you are self harming means that you are depressed and are not happy with something in your life. Find out why you feel the need to cut when your family fights, If you have someone who will really listen to you (Meaning someone who will be a shoulder you can lean on and will listen to the things you have to say before coming to their own conclusions) talk to them and get them to help you to convey your thoughts to the rest of your family and friends so that they know you are not happy with the way they are acting and that it is tearing you apart. Let them know you have been suffering and if you convey it right they will change the way they are, so that you are more comfortable when you are around them. If you want the right results, do not tell them you are cutting yourself until they agree to change, and when they do agree to change tell them you are cutting so that they know what has been happening to you is real and physical and could end your life if they are not seriously planning to change. If they do not agree to change then let them know what their actions have been doing to you. We are all human beings we cannot read minds and unless you say something nothing is going to change. So, I want you to complain and complain and complain until you get the results you want and are able to live your life in the most comfortable environment possible. Good luck and don't take the suicidal rode until you have exhausted every possibility you could and when in doubt ask for help.

  • Hope is found in God alone. Life could get really tough at times.Seek Him that helped me on my way.. not the religion but real life with relationship with Jesus.

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