In the past year my husband talked me into trying a MFM trio. I enjoyed it more than I thought so we continued on occasion to play. Two months ago our third was a black guy and after the shock of meeting him wore off we had great s**! Husband is straight so I got all the attention.

Biggest confession though is this: My husband talked to our black friend and arranged for him and a few of his friends to "just happen" to run into us when we were out for a few drinks. We invited them back to our place and I had s** with all of them - 5 guys included husband

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  • Your husband is a lucky man. I had been asking my wife to do this dr years.

  • What kind of self respecting white man allows his wife to be touched by one of those violent, low IQ, primates?

  • I bet you,your wife or girlfriend f**** a black guy and you get sloppy seconds without even knowing coz you stupidly dumb.If you don't believe me ask her today.

  • The kind of white man that isn't hung up on your bullshit ..... ijs

  • Let me ask the "Dumb" question: Did you enjoy it? Were you sore at all the next day? And is it true what thet say about the size difference with a Black Man?

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