Ready to act on gay fantasies

I've never really thought of myself as gay, but I have been bi-curious since I was a teen. Occasionally over the years I would share handjobs with guys, but once I got near o***** would start to think of females.

Lately, I've been coming more attracted to men. I've been masturbating more to naked pics of guys and have been fantasizing about sucking c***, being sucked, doing frots with cute guys while kissing them, even some about a*** s** (although that's not really my thing). I have licked guys' c**** and sucked their b**** during mutual masturbation sessions, and have let other guys give me b*******.

Beyond s**, I have no desire to be part of a "gay lifestyle" I'm in my 50's and married. My wife knows of my tendencies and knows I've played around masturbatorialy with men. She does not know that homosexual lovemaking fantasies have taken over my masturbation sessions, and that I wish to act on them. I love to m********* and do it a lot. I'd say now that more than 50% of my masturbation time is spent concentrating on guys.

May 29, 2014

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  • My wife loves to watch me suck c***. Sometimes she shares a c*** with me. Her favorite happy ending is to watch a guy j******* in my mouth and then snowball me with a mouthfull of his j***.

  • I sympathize with you. I'm a married man in my 50's and have been sucking c*** for about 30 years now. I have even had a threesome with a man and woman. I made the mistake of confessing to her that I spent a couple of nights with a friend of ours. It took two years of counseling and very little s** before we got past it. If I had never confessed to her we wouldn't have had the problems. I love my wife to no end and would do anything for her. But with the lack of s** in our marriage and me h**** all the time, I do look elsewhere.

  • There's a lack of s** in my marriage, too. I know that contributes to me wanting something from men, but I did have bi fantasies long before I met my wife. I have also masturbated with other men and had my c*** sucked before we married. Even when we were first married we would go to nude beaches and I would wander down to where other men went looking for masturbation partners.

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