Ive never been sunburnt before because im part Latino and i just dont burn easily. but, i did recently and now i have an obsession with peeling my skin.

I say sorry alot. like its just a bad habbit. ill say it if something was my fault or not.

i like to "sing" dubstep and i fail cause im not like people who can in vines

i make alot of rasist jokes twards my race. which is every race. im not even lying.

Idek what type of person i am (swaggie, hipster, pastel goth, etc.) i guess i ahve a metalhead style with a white girl attitue with a hipster music taste with a touch a swag here and there.

Bands a make her dance is me favorite song by juicy j.

im childish, but im mature. (that makes no sense but still)

i love bvb, sws, ptv, aa, pr, 3dg, ss, iss, om&m, bmth, botdf, and if you know any of these bands, your awesome

im a brony (Vinyl Scratch Here)

Dubstep is freaking awesome

I really just wanna be white. like, i wanna glow under a black light

ok enough about me. im sorry. but no one knows this stuff about me and i wanted to say something.

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  • You still failed to say anything.

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