Unsafe workplace, no one cares

I almost got hurt at my job today, it could have been serious. People had tossed cardboard boxes all over the floor in the vicinity of the trash bin, instead of breaking them down and putting them away. The floor in that area is also constantly wet. I was fetching something from stock for a manager, tripped over the boxes and my hand shot out and landed on a bit of plywood frame with big metal spikes sticking out. I didn't land hard, so I was fine, but I immediately realized how dangerous this situation was and went to find a manager. I let them know that I almost got hurt and that it should probably be fixed [referring to the plywood frame covered in spikes]. The manager, instead of getting maintenance to remove the danger, just told me it was my fault I fell and that I should have stopped what I was doing and broken down every box before I progressed forward, and that I was "too lazy" to break down the boxes so therefore it would have been my own fault if I had gotten seriously hurt. Thanks, you piece of s***. If somebody does fall and get impaled on those spikes, I hope it's you. I wish I could complain to higher ups, but the same thing would happen. The company would cover its own ass and pin the blame on me. I know that if I ever did get seriously hurt at that place I'd be f*****. I don't make enough money for even the most rudimentary health care, my job doesn't offer it and if I got hurt, they would immediately blame me for 'getting myself hurt' in their unsafe work area. I'm just posting this here because I wish I could let somebody know that that place is unsafe but literally nobody gives a s***, and in this industry it's impossible to really make a change from the bottom, if you make waves they fire you. ... An addendum: Shante, I'm so happy you got fired, you piece of s***. You had it coming for a LOOOOOONG time. I hope your next job hates your guts and you recieve as much suffering and misery as you caused me in the eight months you worked here. F*** you. You're a bully and a drama llama. If I ever saw your face again I'd spit on it.


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  • Move to a country that actually cares about people, AKA the civilised world, AKA Europe. As long as workers rights and socialism are considered somehow as 'evil things', this will continue happening to you.

  • That would probably be fantastic. Probably. Unfortunately from what I understand most countries have extremely stringent rules on Americans trying to emigrate to Europe. They don't want us. lol

  • Document with photos the next time you see a hazard like that. I guess in some respects, we all do things that is not in our job description like picking things up. But that supervisor should have definitely thought about what he said before saying it. Guess, you could report him to HR with regards to his accusatory tone and what he said. You fell because someone else didn't properly clean the area. And if there was a guest touring the grounds and fell, bet that guy wouldn't have said the same thing. There are more effective ways of talking things out. He needs some management courses. Can't always change people. But you can try to get out. So just do your work and update your resume and keep looking.

  • Call OSHA

  • Sad thing is, if I did anything like that and made a scene I'd be out of a job. And no one cares enough about people in my position to stick up for me if I was unfairly fired, so. Sad but true!

  • Wrong. OSHA might send somebody or not, but unless there's political motivation they won't do anything about what they find. And like OP and others said, companies do not care about workers and will happily sacrifice personal safety for better production numbers.

    If we were taught in school how to deal with this kind of real life instead of trigonometry, it would actually be useful for something besides babysitting teenagers until age 18.

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