Jayden, you threw away one of the only really good things in your life when you cut me off. Other than me, you are surrounded only by your racist, homophobic redneck family who pretends to support you but only if you are who THEY want you to be... and distant friends who don't know s*** about you other than what you post on facebook. I was your way out of that trapped, pathetic life. But you threw me out for no reason whatsoever. But you know what? I thought I was upset about it, but now every few days I still catch myself starting to fret about some problem you had [yeah, b****, I totally don't care about you at all, that's why I took time out of my day like every day to think about your problems and how I could help you solve them!!], but then I think to myself - you know what? I don't have to worry about it anymore, because you tossed me out like a sack of potatoes! And why? Because I "made you feel bad". Meaning I was THE ONLY PERSON to give you constructive criticism in your life. Everybody else just kisses your ass 24/7. You complain all the time about how you have no "real friends" when all the time you have a few precious friends trying to help you and what do you do?? Throw them out on the street the first time they give you "bad vibes"!!! We had been friends for almost a decade. I helped you through some s*** that NO other person knew about you. And now I see you trying to talk about your gender problems to your redneck ass family who have NO idea what that is and are just trying to pressure you to "be normal"! Have fun with that. But you know what? I'm so glad to not have to deal with your scary ass crazy spells! Your ipad screen cracks so what do you do? Smash it into a million pieces instead of getting it fixed! That ipad was a gift you stupid piece of s***! I'm honestly glad that I don't have to deal with being your friend anymore because you are a sorry piece of work and you have more issues than time magazine! I love you and worry about you so much but GOD you utterly refuse to get out of the hole you have dug yourself! And I'm glad to no longer have to try and help you out when you clearly just want to rot away in there! I just hope you haven't destroyed ALL the art that I have given you over the years. And let me tell you one more thing... normal people don't have an entire town full of "ex-friends"! Normal people don't have one more place they can never go to again because they're scared of seeing the last person they p***** off! And now I'm one more slot on that endless list of people you used to love but now spend lots of energy hating and telling all your new friends how much they suck. I don't know how I never saw this coming. Something is WRONG with you my friend and I guess my part in trying to help you out is over. Hope you find your own way out of that dark hole, because everyone who genuinely tries to help you out, it bites them in the ass because you're one sorry son of a b****! PS See you at pride! I don't give a s*** about showing up to places where people who don't like me hang out, unlike you! I hope I make pride one of those places you can't visit again, what with your desperate need to f*** random guys for want of an actual relationship! PPS 13th Acre is going way downhill, I've spoken to tons of people who have said since [the year you started] it started to really suck! And good luck ever being friends with my sister again after showing your true colors! Hahah. F*** yooouuu


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  • Does he have a few sisters i can impregnate and change the color and composition of that racist family for you?

  • You are so gross. And as a matter of fact, no.

  • Sometimes the best way to help a friend is to let them help themselves. You can listen to them and offer advice, but at the end of the day they're going to do what's best for them. Even if it doesn't seem like the best way. How many times has someone been dating someone who was terrible for them, and you say break up. And they agree they should, but then they continue to date and b**** about them. Or in speaking with a friend, you can listen to them or watch their behaviors and think that with a few tweaks here and there most of their troubles could be solved. But the reason they act that way runs so much deeper than what we see on the surface. You said for Jayden to get away from his family and friends. But that may be really easy for you to say, but they are still his family. The good, the bad, the racist. You may not like it, he may not like them and may b**** about them constantly. But you have to respect that they are still his family. Not sure why Jayden decided not to continue your friendship, but maybe it ran its course or maybe you were overstepping your bounds. For you, you may have thought you were being helpful. But when you are constantly saying you should do this or that, it may come off as nagging. And even if the nagging is coming from a loving place, he clearly isn't ready to change. A friendship should be even and this one doesn't sound like it was. You can't go into a friendship and always be the one listening and offering advice. Again, don't think you didn't help. He heard you and he just got mad and is pushing you away. He probably knows he needs to do things, but is just not ready. Spend your time with people who value and support you.

  • This is a really great comment, thank you so much. I'm the OP and I appreciate that you're neither kissing my ass nor setting it on fire. Very thoughtful and I'm glad that at least one other person on this site is using their brain and not their genitals to browse.

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