The session

I am 61 and h**** as he'll. I went to an all woman's mason nite and finished up dancing with a divorcee who said she fancied me. My wife was so busy with the other masons, that she ignored me. This woman was 5 years older than me, had a pair of legs on her that blew my mind. I told her I had to use the toilet and she followed me. Waited till I was finished then grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back and frogmarched me into the gardens. At the back of the hall. She turned and slapped my backside and then she unzipped my pants and slid her cold hand inside. By now I was so erect that I already had precum on the tip of my serpent.
She gave me her card and told me to ring her the next afternoon. I had a fantastic dream, that nite and played with my wife till three in the morning. I decided to take off work the next day and in the afternoon I called the mason. She told me where she lived, said she would expect me in one hour. I raced around, and then took off. My wife was also going out so I had no problems there.
Arriving at the masons home I rang the bell and was given a really fun greeting. Into her living room and she asked me for a moment and also to get undressed. I was ecstatic , standing in my sox, the door opened and the mason and.... My wife were standing there

Jun 16, 2014

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