Big marriage problem part 3

The affair
A few months ago, i met a colleague, D. She is beautiful, funny, smart, sexy and very fun to be with. We started of as strictly professional. While working closely together, we did develop some feelings.

I know that i am wrong to do this but i enjoyed my time with D so much that i started asking her out. For dinners, lunchs and suppers.

Once, while we were chatting under the stars, we suddenly kissed. It was so romantic. This is like the kind of first kiss in an epic romantic movie. No plans, just happened. It was soooo beautiful. That kiss also marked the start of my relationship with D. At first i thought it was just a fling but as emotions and passion are so strong, we started a relationship.

We both know that this relationship will not last long. We both know that it will have to end. We set a date to end this beautifully passionate relationship once my kid is born.

I know i am a b******. During the last few months of my wife's pregnancy, i was seldom at home. I was hanging out with D, having a lot of fun, making passionate love. We had a lot of happy and legendary non-sexual experiences together. She is the best s** i ever had. I can share my sexual fantasies with D and she can do that too. This makes the love making so much more intimate. This relationship is also not all about s**, we had a lot of long talks, intellectual discussions and talking about the future.

My child is born
Now that my kid is born, D feels terrible that we are still together. She feels super guilty and feels that we should have ended it as planned. We tried to end it several times but one of us got weak and started to contact each other again.

I have my own guilty conscience which tells me that all these with D is wrong. But i love D and D loves me!
I love D even more than my wife. But i do have a responsibility towards my wife and child. I witnessed the entire labor process that my wife went through and it was really painful and gruelling.

I appreciate my wife a lot for what she has done for me, for the family and for my child.

Please give me some advice for this pickle i am in. Thank you in advance.

Jun 21, 2014

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  • I am considering to see a doc to take pills to reduce my libido so that i will be more stable if i plan to stay in this marriage.

    What about D?

  • I feel sorry for u sexually man.But on all other aspects,I think you have the best wife in the world,though you are selfish and self centered! She is got all the qualities for an ideal wife and a good person.You made a good choice so thank God for that.Long after the ability to be sexual is gone,you will still have a great woman to take care of you in old age,and she seems like for good times and bad,she will stick with you. According to the obgyn,the issue may be clinical-she has a small v***** and it hurts her to be penetrated.There are millions of women with such an issue and you should be more supportive and more understanding and accommodating of her situation.I am sure there was a real compelling reason why you chose her over your ex gfs who could f*** you anywhere at the drop of panties.You married a wife not a tramp-so don't expect her to f*** you at the City or Central Part at 12:00 noon!I am sorry you cant have it all but you have much more than your fair share of good qualities from this woman.Now that you have been cheating on her,are you any happier?What if you give her a disease or she finds out about your affair and gets rid of your ass, will you be back here crying fowl?I have f***** hundreds of women,not too many of them I will keep for a wife or have the many qualities your wife has. More than 75% of the women I have f***** don't even have any of the good things you mentioned about your wife.God has been sooo good to you;and it seems like you don't even know it, so I thought I tell you.Don't worry,be happy.

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