Did my old Den Mother

I’m 19 and about to head back to college. I thought I’d go see one of my old friends before I leave town. Had not seen him since last summer when I finished my Eagle Project as I went off to college soon after. We had been close friends for over 12 years as we were Tiger Cubs together and his mom was our Den Mother.

Mrs M was my first crush. I remember how she would give the best hugs. Her b**** were so soft and she was so pretty with her long blonde hair. I also remember as we got older I’d try and sneak a peek at the family campouts when I was in my early teens. I would try and peek in the showers and in the tent when she changed. Never got a good look until today.

I went by to say goodbye but my buddy was not home. Mrs M was the only one home. He answered the door in a silky robe and invited me in. We talked about school and the one days in scouts. She said how besides her son I was her favorite in our den and how she couldn’t believe how fast time flew and that I was a handsome young man.

Her robe was short and I could not help but stare as I could see her bush in all of its glory and her nipples were pokey. She said, “ you are also a h**** young man. You were always h****. You give me the best hugs. You also tried to sneak a peak and I always made sure you saw enough to stay interested. But now you are old enough. Come here and give me a hug.”

I didn’t know what to do. But I couldn’t resist. Just as I went to bend down to give her a hug she stood up and let her robe open and my face went right in her b******. She hugged me hard and long. When she eased the embrace I began to suck her nipples. She replied, “ oh yes, that’s my tiger. My little cub is now a real tiger. Let’s go to the bedroom and play.

We went to the bedroom she tried to push me onto the bed but I made he lie down. I then went down on her and ate her out till she orgasmed. Then I dropped my pants. She saw my c*** and said, “oh my god. That’s huge.” My d*** is about 8 inches long.

I then started to f*** her hard and deep. I came inside of her twice and she orgasmed three times while I was f****** her.

When I finished c****** the second time I pulled out and started to get dressed. She begged me for more. She said, “sweetheart, thank you for the most marvelous s** I have ever. I’m 56 and I never had a man make me feel that way. Thank you!”

I told her “thank you Mrs M for being such a good Den Mother. I’ve always been attracted to you and since puberty I always wanted to f*** you. Thanks for allowing my fantasy to come true. Maybe we can do this whenever I come back in town. “

She smiled and said,” I’d be honored. But don’t be surprised if I come knocking on your door in need of more”


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  • My Den Mother was my own mother, and she had me fu cking her from the age if 12, sometimes even in her tent. I got her pregnant when I was 13. Mum convinced Dad that our daughter was his.

  • Too bad she isn't just a very few yrs younger to where you could knock her hot ass up! damn She nasty.

    But it's so good she could get out of that hurricane path and evacuate to your place. When she gets there you should tell her that you may not allow her to go home! Tell her you might want to make the arrangement permanent.
    In fact, you should tell her that straight up while your in the middle of f****** her c*** inside out. Thats the best thing about jackhammering a woman over 50: a prolapsed cervix is the most beautiful sight on earth, and all women start prolapsing at that age if they've been heavily active all their lives and if you give them the jackhammer. While that pink monster is hanging out of her steaming gash look her in the eyes grab that cervix in your hand and pull on it and tell her "You aren't going home Mrs. M. You belong to ME now and you'll be living here from now on . . . . . enslaved to my c***." Tell her "I own you, b****." And you WILL.

  • We f***** all night long and several times this morning before she left. My roommate was laughing, he said that she was walking funny.

    I lost track as to how many times we did it last night. We stopped when my c*** would e******** but nothing came out and it hurt.

  • Is this real? Dud you hit it hard and deep.

  • God, you fools will believe anything

  • It is the truth. Mrs. M is headed to my apartment right now. She was planning to spend the weekend here but said she was leaving early to evacuate from the hurricane. She should be here in the next hour or so.

    Going to be a long night 😜

  • Yes!

  • B**** to the walls baby!

  • Wow 37 years difference. What a lucky lady!

    Tell us about her body. Was her breast saggy? Did she have a bush? What color was it?

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