Drinking at work

My wife doesn't like me drinking too much. So I drink at work. Some days a bottle of vodka before noon. I need to eat peanuts, crackers and something with garlic before going home. Also our bank accounts are linked so to avoid the liquor store showing up on our statements I just do "cash back" at the hardware store. I sure spend a lot on stuff for the house... I wonder when she'll notice that all those supplies I've been buying haven't been improving anything. ...

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  • Your going to get fired. Quit drinking at work.

  • Stop drinking and go get help just like these people say. Your wife loves you and your gonna ruin your life. Also you drive home? You drive home drunk? I hope you choke on a beer cap and die if you drive drunk. Anyone who drives drunk should die before they kill anyone else

  • Dude.......your an alcoholic and you need to get professional help.

  • So you're stupid and a liar

  • You're going to get fired. I knew a guy that drank on the job and one day you'll be found out and goodbye job.

  • At least your wife is concerned about your health, even if you don't. You're just hurting yourself. Eventually, something is going to happen drinking at work..you'll get caught because of your drinking at your job and rightfully lose it. Or driving home you'll hurt yourself or someone else. But maybe you need something to happen to hit rock bottom. Because drinking a bottle of vodka a day is a serious problem.

  • I agree.

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