Forced nudity

My story is more humiliating than embarrassing. I knew some of the girls I went with to the beach were jealous of me, because I looked sexier than them in bikini. Over heard them saying "look at her flaunting her stuff in a string bikini" Having guys and even their own boyfriends looking at me didn't sit very well. I'm sure most of them were glad to see my bikini stripped off. I was sun bathing face down with my top strings undone, when some b****** picked me up off the sand by arms and legs. Never saw them coming. Found myself dangling in mid air with my t*** hanging out and bottom slipping off between my thighs. Hung there nude with girls telling them to turn me over, while guys got a free t** and p**** show. Bared it all that day and the fact that I was totally shaved down there and so spread out, I think I even showed off my c***. Must have seen it, because I could feel my p**** lips wide open. The degrading part of it, was that it all was disguised as a friendly prank and almost had to laugh about it. The truth was I felt publicly humiliated and sexually assaulted, just to thrill everyone's sexual desires.

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  • My mother got a devorce when I was 17 and re-married a guy that she had had a sexual affair behind my father's back. I knew she was f****** him when my Dad was at work. I sudently found myself living with my mother and a step father that kept groping me sexually. My mother knew about it, but so scared of loosing him she just ignored it. I remember he caught me in my underwear when my mother was out of house, threw me in bed and porformed oral s** on me. I tried to tell him it wasn't right, but he kept spreading my legs, reaching up squeezing my b****** and pushing his finger inside me. I was so disgusted when he dropped his pants and told me to open my mouth. I remember telling me to suck harder. He orally f***** me, came all over my face, told me to clean up pushed me into the bathroom in a rush when her the front door slam. It all happed in just 20 minutes but to me it felt endless. Nothing was said but, I'm sure my mother figured that something had happed but didn't really care.

  • I'm jealous of you

  • I was 15 when my older sister walked into the bathroom with her boy friend while I was in the shower. I remember her telling him "you want to see my sister naked " while grabbing my towel and anything else I could use to cover myself. I almost melted with shame when she pulled me out and saw him looking at my t*** and making comments about my pink p**** lips. I'll never forget her laughing while her boy friend lusted over my private parts. It was like one of those wet dreams where you find yourself in front of a bunch of people with no clothes on. I remember running wet and naked down the hall to my room thinking I could never tell anyone about it. I never did because it was just to embarrssing to tell. At least her boy friend saved me from further embarrassment by not telling anyone.

  • My mother used to make me do the dishes not caring if my brother was in the house or not. Even when I finished the dishes, she would forced me to stay naked so I wouldn't leave the house. I was 14 years old and old enough to feel embarrassed about my brother seing me so bare. He was just as abusive as my mother and would snap fictures of me naked with cel phone to show them to his friends later. I use to have nightmares about going to school because I knew boys had seen the pictures and there was no lying about to save myself the embarrassment. The horrible thing was, my mother kept punishing me naked till I was 18 only because she knew she couldn't keep from leaving the house and could decide to report her. I never did out of embarrassment of everyone finding out. I just move in with my boy friend and never went back.

  • I was 21 when my cousin's wife forced me to have s** with her. I was staying with them over the weekend in there guest room. Saturday night we had been driking with their neighbour friends. It was 2am when his wife showed me the bedroom were I would be spending the night. Half an hour later she came into my room, told she had mixed sleeping pills in her husbands drink and took her nighty off. She was 26 and remember she climbed on my face asking me if liked sucking p****. Ate her out all the way to an o****** and them she sucked and squeezed my d*** and swallowed every drop of my sperm. The next mourning I felt so guilty about s**** around with his wife I couldn't leave the homes fast enough.

  • Went through the same shame during my high school years. I was 17, one of the few white girls in school and sure it was racially motivated. I remember getting cornered and harassed by a group of black girls in a beaten vacant house near school, used by students to smoke weed. They were saying someone had told them I had made a comment about black girls f****** anything that had a d***. I remember them exposing my b******, asking boys if they wanted to see a white p**** and yanking down my skirt and panties. I remember boys squatting looking at my crotch and while these evil girls spread my p**** lips, flicked my c*** telling me I needed a shave. I remember no one doing anything to stop them and remember getting my t*** squeezed and p**** f***** with a bottle. Could have done anything even if I tried. So utterly humiliating I had to leave school to save myself the shame of every in school finding out about it. Told my parents it was because of all the drugs floating around school. I'm now enrolled in a better high school.

  • My hot older sister is a teacher. She has a bbq for the graduating seniors, mostly all guys, at the end of the school year, and I usually go, too. Rarely do girls show up, as they know, my sister will wear as little as possible, they don't measure up, and, most guys who go have known her for years. She admits to flirting and showing off for them all the time, notably the athletes.

    Few years ago, I went to the bbq, and, she was in frayed, ratty shorts and a tiny, black bikini top. Really showing of the 38's, put it that way. The new grad guys start showing up, all hugging her, kissing her, and grabbing at her. Day proceeds, and I keep hearing, from a few of them "we gotta get her naked". It was like a gang mentality. Granted, I'd always expected them to at least tear her top off, since she allowed so much grabbing, kissing, and sexual playing, so, the idea that they wanted her naked wasn't a surprise. I was more curious as to how they'd do it. Not if. I knew she would be.

    Later in the day, the guys jump in the pool and egg her on to join them, nearly begging, using the "we're all going to college somewhere and probably won't see you again" guilt trip on her. She agrees, and slowly, like a teasing dancer, peels off her shorts, to expose thong bikini bottoms. The guys were hooting and hollering all sorts of things at her. That's when I knew..No way in h*** she gets out of that pool with anything on. They're going to strip her the second she dives in.

    Sure enough, not three minutes passed before they had her circled, splashing, grabbing, and tearing her top and bottoms off. She's laughing, saying NO NO not my bottoms! And, Ah! My t***! But also had to know she'd end up naked for a group of new grad boys.

    She ended up naked for the remainder of the day, as the door to the house was blocked.

  • I went through a similar embarrassment when I went to a party dressed in a short skirt. Girls in the party were fuming because boys did nothing else but try to look under my skirt. This big strong girl sneaked behind me, lifted my skirt, her girlfriends pulled my panties down and paraded my bare p**** in front of boys. So shocked I didn't even have time to feel humiliated. I was 15 and ran out of the party in a rush.

  • I got caught naked with my girl friend in a public shower by four guys that stormed to look at us. I remember we had to parade ourselves naked in front of them and endure some groping to get our clothes back. I had never been seen so naked in public. Never found out who they were.

  • I wish this would happen to me so badly. I want to be humiliated like this. With a bunch of hot guys watching. I want them to stare at my t***, p****, and ass. I want to make them h**** as f***.

  • My husband and I have a different woman every month stay w us at our beach house. the policy for our female guest requires her to be fully nude at all times for the month. no pubic hair no o***** allowed. paraded every morning w a nude beach walk. party hosted almost every nite. everyone clothed but her. she must dance naked for each party in front of everyone. around 60 guests. on last nite she masturbates for a group of young boys.

  • I would love to see your p****. Where do you live?

  • !Yeah right! go around beating them all up while she's naked. Me being in her shoes, would looking for a place to hide and figuring out a way out such a humiliating situation. But guess once they've seen her p**** and t***, doesn't make much deference if everyone else checks out your goodies.

  • Why didn't you try to beat them up or something

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