The Realist Blues

I am a realist. I don't believe in God because there's no reason for me to. 99% of me doesn't believe in an afterlife. I've read enough about Biology, Psychology, History, and Physics to not believe most of the crap out there that so many people draw inspiration from instead of themselves.

There's just one thing.

I see things before they happen.

I don't expect you to believe me. I wouldn't. I'm a very skeptical person. But I experience moments in my life before they happen. Not in a vague fashion, in exact detail from a first person perspective. For example, before my wife and I broke up had a dream in first person perspective at a desk doing paperwork. I was thinking about the girl I was taking to New Mexico with me. At the time when I had this dream, I was unemployed and in no way considering breaking up with my wife. Flash forward a few months, I was sitting at that desk at my new job, doing paperwork, thinking about the girl I had just gone on a date with. I swear to you, everything was specifically the same.

This goes against everything I know about reality. It causes me a lot of confusion in my morality because I don't know what is actually harmful and what is actually affecting my life or if any of it matters.

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  • My more concern is you don't believe in God ..
    God made you and loves you !
    Jesus died for your sins so you can have eternal life !!


  • Of course the biggest concern for a Christian isn't the well being or sanity of a person its about spreading ur dumbass message kill urself please

  • I know of this power from within ones mind,& its ability.I ,for many of my teen years on.It was very scary at first.Saved my life once.Dreams-visions- deja vu-out of body/time travel,call it as u will,is deathly real.It was so strong with me that from a delay period of months decreased to a matter of days.How I kept sane as a teen is beyond me.I did the worse thing I possibly could,got confident.Believed in myself instead of realizing it is a rare gift ,but from whom?????Needless to say,for quite a while I lost all forms of it-won't try to explain to those who have never lived twice in the same world without death.Extremely hard to grasp the whole concept!!!!!!Happily I contain a small percentage of what I'm capable of... Can you imagine what medium goes thru,especially if they have no clue they are,let alone how to cope with it ?????!!!!Food for thought.......Proven fact at precisely at the instance of ones death (body on a scale) there will be a loss of roughly 32 grams of weight-.......Not only here the soal has enough mass to measured. Makes me ponder just how powerfully the mind is.Imagine if the movie Lucy was available to all.

    Embrace what you possess ,don't use it,let it flow thru,although you have the ability to alter the outcome of your future- So BEWARE

  • It's called deja-vu because it's so common. It's also called confirmation bias. You don't constantly obsess about how every moment is so very different from any other, but when elements are similar they stand out.

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