This is part two
We kept my husband from using his senority rights until 2001 in July. Four years before he had even stopped asking for s**, He was always grouchy, He was never home in 16 years since he came back he had not had a day off, His left foot was dragging. Lines confused him, he was always throwing up, he had headaches so bad he did not want to see. In may I asked his father if this was enough he needed some time off, his answer was he is just being a big baby, His supervisor was noticing things about his behavior He would fall down when away from a hand hold and always seemed to be crying.
His father even said a man has to work so stop crying about it. On July 31 2001 a coworker bounced a wrench off a machine hitting my husband in the head, Everyone saw his hand wrap around the guys throat and he lifted him off the floor. His supervisor came running out and told my husband to put him down. Everyone said my husband did not appear to know he was strangling him. He did as asked and his foreman asked him why he was crying. My husband said he wasn't, she was going to let him have a week off to get some rest when he threw up all over her and passed out. He was taken to the ER and they loaded him a little while latter into a van to take him down to a neuro surgical unit 60 miles away. I was called at 7:30 that night to get down there to sign treatment paperwork. When we arrived his father said we were going to be chewed out by the doctor for my husbands fakery. he just wants a few days off. The surgon came out and gave us the low down about what he had to do, It involved drilling a hole to the center of his head to get a tumor that was blocking the cerebral spinal fluid in his head, The tears were the leakage around his eyes from the pressure in his head, he came out without three years of memory, and very confused. He was supposed to get 30 days recovery but his father was again screaming how many people this illness affected, He went back to work in a week, The company had built a new plant and right after 9/11 they put job bids up It was by time employed. My husband wanted off second shift, He put his bid in for a job and so did the son of the county commissioner, my husband forced them to give him the job by his time of 25 years to the other mans 8. Thing that week became very bad, my husband was told he would not take the job and after four men jumped him he sent them all to a trauma center, His father was saying why can't you just back down. He then told me I had to get control. I was still refusing him for control but he said you are not keeping your promise therefor you can forget any cooperation from me.
The last 14 years his father even resorted to using a shotgun to get him to do what was wanted.
Last year he found me in an affair, He has not had a good time since he retire with 31 years four years ago was the second draining of his spinal fluid after he developed MRSA in his spine causing his spinal cord to be crushed. He hurt the man I had been with really bad, and has been in and out of stress centers for anger management since.
Last year he also decided he had waited long enough, he said there is a 31 year note due, and its due tonight. I tried to run but he had his way. The last year several people have been hurt including his father after he read my journals. His father did slap him first but the return backhand left him with a bruised face for what is going on six weeks. right now people are so scared of my husband its hard to get any one to come near.
His counselors said we spent 32 years creating the monster, didn't we like what we created.

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