A Greek fraternity is no brotherhood

I like I think most people my age joined a fraternity when I started college for the simple fact that I thought there would be some type of brotherhood. I am already in ancient freemasonand for some reason this was the type of brotherhood I was expecting. However I let all of my so called brothers come to my beach house for spring break. wall on the way there we got pulled over for speeding and I was driving my car. The passenger who was one of my brothers told me that if the cops found his weed he wasn't claiming itbecause he had too many pending charges. Knowing that I was the driver and anything found in the car would be considered mine unless heclaimed it himself so when the cop told me had a drug dog and said he was going to searched my car I walk back and check with my passenger to see if he would claim it. He again said noand when the cop told me if he had searched the car and found anything I would go to jail but if I admitted having anything on this spot it it would be a ticket I went ahead and admitted that there was weed in the car he asked the passenger if it was his because I told him it was the passenger denied even knowing that was in the car. so I got the tickets and the charges on my record for the weed which I have not smoked in 6 months. He claimed he was going to pay for the tickets which at this point was the best he could do but of course he backed out and said that he had no part in it he wasn't the 1 that got caught. There is no Brotherhood whatsoever in the Alpha Tau Omega Chapterwhich I was a part of. I think I'll stop trying to associate with boys and continued to associate myself with grown men who are at least somewhat on the same maturity level as I am. I finally agree with other people saying the reason for joining a fraternity is cuz maybe combining all your d**** to make it a decent size. you really are just paying for your drinking buddies I've always been curious where the money I paid with 2 but it's nice to see that our treasure who is over all of those funds has an unlimited spending limit when he goes out and never had those social events that the money supposedly went towards. College fraternities are for p******. Just go make your own friends. I'm not denying that I didn't make some close friends but the Brotherhood as a whole doesn't exist. And what I did quit those close friendships I thought I had made vanished just like I did in all of their eyes.

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  • Stomp him seriously what a b****

  • I never been in a frat but the friend with the weed is just a b****. plain and simple. I dont know about the other stuff. but if there is weed or whatever in the car just be cool. u must have looked super nervous for the cop to mention the dog.

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