My judgemental friends

Ive smoked weed for almost 3 years and now im a junior in highschool and just last week my 2 best friends found out i smoked and they freaked out and got all on their high horse and immidiately tried giving me a wanna be intervention they kept talking on how it makes you stupid and how its bad for you whitch is complete bullshit. atleast for me it makes me smart it helped me do better in school i actualy get good grades. but they kept on pestering me so 2 days ago i told them i stopped and they acted all happy that they saved my soul or whatever they thought they did. so i f***** them over by giving them them each 2 hash brownies And didnt tell them i relaxed with them in my room and ordered a pizza and just talked for hours about when we were young and why they wanted me not to smoked weed and they both said that weed is bad for your lungs and i told them about the brownies and asked them how they felt they were pist at first then said "i feel great this is what weed feels like" now their my stoner buds.

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  • Ahaha this made me laugh so hard... good job on the brownies. i cant tell u how many stupid prissy p***** i want to get high just so theyll shut the f*** up about how bad weed is and thinking they can judge... thats awesome.

  • Not everyone, but most of the people who were real potheads when I was in school never did much in life afterwards. Maybe they were stupid to begin with or just too lazy?

  • Grammer doesnt mean much it just means hes high when he writes and uses spell check after hes finished. thats what i do and i have good grades to

  • Yeah, I can tell it makes you better at school. Look at your amazing grammar skills.

  • I hate when people judge me for smoking weed. If you don't like it, that's cool but don't b**** at other people for their interests.

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