I'm Selfish, Forgive Me

A former friend of mine and I shared a common interest in some things- singing, writing, and kpop. All of these things were things that I had always been into, then suddenly she gets into them and starts bragging about how she has followers on a fan fiction site or how she was on the news for doing a coffee house. Ever since we stopped being friends, these bragging moments just started to increase and she's starting to like kpop groups that I've been listening to for years. I want her to not do this. I actually need her to never like the groups that I like because it becomes less exciting when she gets into them. I like them for the music, while shes the crazy stalker chick fan.

"I know I'm selfish, but please, don't like the things that I like because you know I'd give it up just to share one less thing in common with you."

Jul 8, 2014

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