My dog used to always try to lick me, down there. After him always truing, one time I just gave in. While it was happening I stopped and realized what I did was absolutely sick. I will never do that again. I didnt even know it was illegal, nor did I even know it was even called b*********. I have a boyfriend, and Im nervous to tell gim. Should I? I have no attraction to animals and never ever will. People who committ B********* are absolutely sickening. I made a mistake that I woll never ever do again. Ive tried forgiving myself and also asked god for forgivness. How should I tell my boyfriend about this? I dont need help, I know now that what I did was illegal and so wrong.

Jul 17, 2014

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  • Mine licks me all the time

  • I have persuaded almost every woman I have screwed myself to enjoy my dog licking them, it excited me.

    VERY few refused to do it.. about half a dozen also went MUCH further.. (and enjoyed that too)...

  • Far, far more women do that than you can ever imagine..and enjoy it..

    Its nada..

  • Please realize that doggie has your scent and he will strike again darling.

  • Why would u even tell him ??
    What happened if u ever break up with him u do know he will spread this like wild fire !
    My advise is keep your mouth shut or u will really regret it .

  • There's a difference between being open and trying to put out your entire life on a silver platter. Some things should stay buried.

  • Don't tell him. You don't need to share everything with him.

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