I'm 30 years young welder working all around the world single no kids no wife no gf. I'm truly dedicated to my craft. In a job I'm at rn a new woman 21 yrs young just entered in my group the first time I saw her I thought she was a "he" because of my criticism I judged upon appearance turns out she was a woman. When we have our safety meetings in the morning I find myself just looking into her light blue eyes beautiful Carmel skin soft skin. I introduced myself on her first day told her my name and what I did. Asked her a few questions work related but turns out she's no rookie she knows a bunch of stuff on the job that left most of us men surprised such as tools bolt sizes measurements how to use electrical tools, weld, cut grind anything you can think of she knows. She's been around these kind of jobs. When I asked her name I thought her name was the most beautiful name I'd ever heard; that's when it all started ! I fell in love with her instantly.!!! She doesn't know it but I go out of my way to do things that I've noticed like waiting to walk with her , any excuse to talk to her, opening the doors for her, helping her with tools, or buying sesame seeds that she loves so she can ask me for some& when she asks me I give in fully "you can have the bag" lol! A guy I work with thought the same about her beauty and name. But my question is since she has short hair how would I ask "are you into men or woman without coming off as disrespectful or sounding like I'm a thirst trap.!!!!???? I don't really like asking people at work in regards to there personal life but this chick is just something else I find myself gazing at her the thing that saves me is my dark glasses! I've never thought about until settling down because most woman I've come across hear "I'm a welder" and are immediately gold digging asking how much I make or if I have this or that etc. but since I work with this woman she knows this line of work and is familiar with everything I wouldn't mind getting to know her on a personal level!! I've been wanting to ask her out to eat after work on a Friday or something both sweaty dirty smelly who cares she's not picky about stuff like that and I admire her work ethic a bunch. She's 21 I'm 30 but I don't look my age I look young so I've been told. I have my own house a steady job don't drink or smoke or dip or do drugs of any sort I'm just nervous on how to approach her and this situation , how should I come up with any idea and or inquiry?!? I'd greatly appreciate any advice please thanks guys...

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  • Bet she has an Adam's Apple.

  • Hey guys, I've been keeping up with halls comments and advice aside from ignorance and arrogance, I ended in taking this woman out to eat we watched sports at a sports bar right after work. I didn't hesitate to ask. Things went well, I was upfront and told her I found her physicallly and emotionally attractive without harm to offense or disrespect. I explained myself to her about me being thoughtful wether to ask or not. She giggled and said she goes both ways. AWESOMENESS

  • She goes both ways because she has a p-e-n-i-s. Lucky for her you have a hankering for man meat.

  • How did you come to that conclusion?
    @ OP, is she transgender? No hate, just curious as one of your statements about critiquing her appearance implies it.

  • Why are you trolling for trannies?

  • Trolling for trannies? Wtf does that even mean? I was genuinely curious.

    " I saw her I thought she was a "he" because of my criticism I judged upon appearance turns out she was a woman."

    that was a very vague statement so of course with transgender being the latest thing I'm curious of that's what OP meant.

  • No updates. So sad.

  • Above you

  • Confusing story. I would do anything to feel more feminine and slim. almost anything!

  • Here we go again no fresh confessions

  • I think this web site is ran by some j****** who lives in his mother's basement. Must get too busy playing video games and forgets to update the web site.

  • Lmao

  • If only the president is as proud of his job as you are. Such a glorified welder.

  • The last president was a glorified imbecile.

  • The PRESENT so-called president would be honored to be elevated to the status of imbecile, little MAGAT. Crawl back under your inbred hillbilly rock!

  • Thanks

  • Since you do work together, you do want to approach this carefully. You don't want anything to be uncomfortable moving forward regardless of what happens or not. Maybe to start you'll need to find out if she is attached and if she is gay or straight, or however she identifies herself. Just because she has a short hair and works in an otherwise male dominated industry does not mean she's gay. You have to start somewhere, ask her to grab a bite or drinks after work. That can come off as fairly harmless. Just because if you find out she has a SO, you haven't really asked her on a "date". And since she's fairly new, it's a good reason to invite her out. See how things go and see if there is anything there. Good luck!

  • Thanks look up too for a update

  • She already sounds hot lol. Thought I was the only one into tomboys guess not. TBH I could care less about hair length eventually it will grow it's just hair personality if a woman is around a group of men working and knows her stuff isn't scared to get dirty she's my kind of girl. TBH bro just be honest hey let's go get drinks Friday or next weekend after we can grab a night to ear

  • Do you ever have work events where "significant others" are invited? If so, confide in her that you don't have anyone to bring and don't know what to do and ask her what she's doing. That's your "in".

  • Ask her out. If she finds she's into you, she's into you.

  • Don't ask that question. Just ask her out for drinks and see how it goes.

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